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Herbalism is the act of using foraged plant materials to create restorative remedies or poisons.  


Herbal Remedies will have a different potency depending on the rarity of the herbs used to make it. Herbs come in 3 levels of rarity. To forage for herbs, a player makes 2 checks. First, you make an Intelligence (Nature) check to determine the rarity of the herbs you find. Then, you make a Wisdom (Survival) check to determine how many doses worth of the herb you're able to harvest. A single dose of an herb weighs 0.05 lbs. The DM can roll on the Herbs By Biome table appropriate to your region to determine what herb you gather.

Rarity Table

Nature Check Rarity Potency
10 Common +/- 1
15 Uncommon +/- 2
20 Rare +/- 3

Quantity Table

Survival Check Doses
0 1
10 2
20 3


  When crafting a remedy, you must have an herbalism kit and a supply of water. Choose 3 distinct herbs that you have gathered and sum their potencies. A remedy with a positive potency creates a restorative poultice and a remedy with a negative potency creates a poison. You spend 1 hour and make a check with your herbalism kit, adding your Wisdom or Intelligence modifier. The result of this check determines the maximum number of doses you are able to produce within the hour, expending the appropriate amount of herbs for each dose. A crafted poultice or poison weighs 0.2 lbs.

Productivity Table

Herbalism Check Doses
0 0
5 1
15 2
25 3

Remedies Table

Potency Product Effect
+9 Potent Salve 8d4 + 8 healing
+7 Salve 6d4 + 6 healing
+5 Strong Balm 4d4 + 4 healing
+3 Balm 2d4 + 2 healing
+1 Poultice 1d4 + 1 healing
-1 Irritant 1d6 poison
-3 Poison 2d6 poison
-5 Strong Poison 4d6 poison
-7 Neurotoxin 6d6 poison
-9 Potent Neurotoxin 8d6 poison

Specialty Remedies

Some herbs, when combined, create herbal remedies with effects additional to the healing or poison damage. These specialty remedies are made from a combination of 3 specific herbs. Depending on the region to which the herbs are native, specialty remedies might help withstand the local elements, repair scarring, cause blindness, or one of many other effects. Check with your local apothecary for specialty recipes that can be made from the local flora.


Once you have created a remedy, you can spend an action to apply it.


You can apply a poultice to an injured creature, causing it to regain hit points. Once a creature has regained hit points from an herbal remedy, it cannot benefit from another one until it completes a short or long rest.


You can apply a poison to a weapon, food, or drink. If applied to food or drink, a creature that consumes the poison takes the poison damage. If applied to a weapon, the next time damage is dealt with that weapon, the poison damage is applied. An applied poison that isn't used within 1 hour expires, losing its effects.

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