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Windmere Whistles aka "Singing Stones"

While they might not be the most impressive landmarks, they are considered one of the great wonders of the natural world. These stone spires have mystified and entertained all of across many ages. No matter the time of the year, these blue-grey speckled stones are always warm to the touch and have a slight vibration feel to them. With no obvious signs of structures to produce sounds, these stones still produce an enchanting natural melody when a slight breeze passes over them. The more intense the wind, the more intense the sound. Some who have studied the sounds closely claim to have heard voices in languages they did not understand calling out quietly among the melody. Although few have had the skill, these stones can be played like an instrument using magically produced wind.

Purpose / Function

There is no intended purpose to these beautiful stone formations. They were not built, but were instead naturally formed, as far as the greatest scholars can tell. The locals hold a festival at the site of the stones once a year during the windy season when the melody can be heard for miles.


Greed and vandalism has reduced the number of functioning stones to half of the number it possessed when it was discovered ages ago. Greedy explorers and lords coveted the sound of these stones and began having them removed and relocated from the site. It did not take long to realize that these massive stone structures ceased functioning as soon as they were moved more than a foot in any direction from their original positions.


Locals claim a local bard of minor note, Wilherd Windmere, sang the stones from the ground but was fell dead on the spot from the effort it took. Few accounts agree exactly why he called forth the stones.

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