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Empire of Avaria

" The Harbors of Avaria are many, with thousands of ships of all size and class in dock or abroad, I thought to myself, 'how can Avaria be so powerful, how can those pitiful other empires stand against the naval might of Avaria'. " - Admiral Zython of the 34th Royal Avarian Fleet
Located south of Bastion and @The Empire of the Eternal Sun, Avaria is a sea-based power with most of its resources going towards shipbuilding and armament. Avaria controls almost half of Xoria and rules the seas, however, Avaria has little for defence of the mainland with militias in control of castles and vassals as slaves to the crown, Avaria could fall easily from a good-sized invasion force. Queen Eua the Honorable is currently in power with @Prince Tycor as heir to the throne. The governance system in Avaria makes many uneasy especially the lower class who revolt almost weekly, this makes for a hard to manage government and strict laws.


The Monarchy controls everything, money, spending, and laws. They have the power to abolish these laws too. The heirs to the throne have little to no influence and have to build this up as they rise to kingship. Princes are granted a small royal guard loyal to the royal family and its heirs at birth. The higher class is allowed amenities and are allowed to amass wealth in their massive houses. However, they are taxed moderately and have to pay a small amount of money to the royal family every year. They have the best chance of seeing and meeting a royal because their mansions are located close to the palace. The middle class is seen as the best off of the classes, they are allowed small amounts of amenities, have to only pay a small amount of tax, and have farms to grow food for the kingdom. The lower class is the least well off, they have to pay large amounts of taxes, are not allowed amenities, and have to labor for 3 days a year without pay. Finally, Lords and vassals have no real power, they are treated only as military subjects of the king, cannot order troops without the King's approval, and cannot own cities.

Public Agenda

Every Avarian wants Xoria to be united under their rule and for all trace of those pesky little neighboring empires to be wiped away in the sands of time. Avaria has a healthy fear and hate of rebellion, reflected in the limit of power for heirs, vassals, and lords. Open rebellion is treated with a slow and painful death by hanging.


Avaria has a surprising amount of resources that are quite useless to the overall war machine, 50% of all resources in Avaria are luxury based and are run by the populace. Avaria depends on imports of iron and other strategies resources from abroad. Thus is why Avaria is a sea-based power, with warships and merchant ships in the tens of thousands. Most Infantry is used for defending ships and cities, so no real offensive ground force exists in Avaria. Cavalry is almost non-existent in Avaria, with horses reserved for common use and for palace guards. Gold and Silver is found in the mines of Renanta to the north, unfortunately, they are ripe for taking by the EOES or Bastion. Castles are usually found near the coast, serving as resupply posts for ships or defense against the taking of them.

Resist the Pull of the Dark

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Avaria, Avs, Empire of Avaria
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Palace economy
Traditional gold and silver is used in most transactions. However, credits and Flader pieces (Unity) are banned from use in most cities.
Legislative Body
The King or Queen who is currently holding position writes acts and laws for the nation, However, when the heir ascends to the throne, they have the power to erase this law and replace it with one of their choosing.
Judicial Body
The King or Queen elects special servants to handle law and order in their specified city, in court they recite these laws and punish any that breaks them. The general populace is educated on every law passed and they remember each one. Crime is rare in Avaria as it is punished with exile or hanging.
Official Languages

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