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Holy Tempest

1st of June, 2015

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On this planet, everyone has some sort of quirk that makes them unique. Throughout the ages, many people created religiously motivated organisations to help better society in some way, shape, or form. Although many of these groups have died out as time progressed and religion overall started becoming less relevant; it's starting to make a comeback.   At the start of a new decade, 2000, religious groups started sprouting up again. Previously, they weren't backed or supported in all countries (including America), but now many more governments offer funding. Not many know why exactly it has; but they understand a portion of it could be attributed to the attempted genocide of Jewish folk in World War II, and a massacre of atheists in Brunei   In America, many counties have religious groups dedicated to upholding the law. A small few replace cops all together, whilst most cooperate with law enforcement. The decision to add Government backing sparked outrage among many, especially as many states had set limitations to how many groups can be based in a county.   Due to the rise of religious tension, as well as political tension, spiritual and non-religious groups sprouted up to help calm the nerves of angry Americans. One group in Suffolk County, New York, is dedicated to help lowering tensions through activism, and also helping out law enforcement. Lotus NY, the official Buddhist group of New York is on the case. They, along with other activist groups will dig deeper into the problem. What they find could shock the world.