Saga Weaver

Whether travelers or born to a particular place, your family are known as born tale-tellers, and you have grown up at the knee of a grandparent or parent skilled in the weaving of tales, the reciting of epic sagas, and performance, vocal or with an instrument. As a child, you were accustomed to being the one asked to tell the story, and much of your youth was spent learning to pitch and control your voice, to master an instrument, or to weave new tales from whatever strands you can imagine.

Skald Stories

Roll Event Trait
1-3 Ear of the Chieftain Priveleged
4-6 Words on the Wind Yearning Mind
7-10 Always a Guest, Never at Home Restless Spirit
11-14 A Poor Host Rough Custom
15-17 Sweet Words to Bitter Ears Truth Be Told
18-20 A Tale Ill-told Harbinger

Ear of the Chieftain

You have earned the favor of your community’s leader, and are always welcome in the hall or court, where you have become privy to many events and matters far above your station. You heard something that you should not have, and it might put your life in danger. Leaving your comfortable home seemed the only course of action. What did you hear?

Words on the Wind

You could have remained in court for as long as you’d like, but the ballads grew ever more stale and you grew tired of reciting the same sagas in the same fashion, to an audience that lacked imagination. Starved for newness, you struck out and put your home at your back, seeking new inspiration in the world at large.

Always a Guest, Never at Home

Whether wanderlust or a simple restlessness of spirit, you have never felt at home. Your grandparents and your parents before you were the same, possessing a wandering spirit and an insatiable need to see everything, to experience all that you can. Where would you feel at home? Does such a place exist?

A Poor Host

Though it is always the custom to show courtesy to a bard, both as an envoy and an entertainer, you somehow met with rudeness when you presented yourself at the door of the leader of a particular community. Hospitality was begrudgingly offered, and you were shown little deference. How did you react, and why was this the case?

Sweet Words to Bitter Ears

Despite your skill with words and song, you somehow managed to earn the ire of a host, and found yourself unwelcome. Perhaps some idle jest or story struck closer to the mark than you intended, or perhaps you were simply unaware of a past grievance. You were shown rough courtesy, then none at all. Who was this noble and what did you say?

A Tale Ill-told

There was something to a particular saga that enraged your host, and he all but attacked you outright when you told it. Only the intervention of others prevented bloodshed, and you were told it would be best you left immediately. You are not certain, but you may even be followed by his henchmen. What was the tale and why did it strike so dearly?
Caste Talents: Respected, Storyteller
Skill Gained: Persuade