Banished and Exiled

Met with disgusted eyes from even the slaves, outcasts are the beggars and petty thieves that skulk in alleys, sifting through rubbish for something to sell. While each nation treats outcasts differently, none treat them well, and you are used to hostility, or indifference at best, wherever you go.

Outcast Stories

Roll Event Trait
1-3 The Charity of Honest Folk Honor Debt
4-6 The Charity of Pompous Priests Thief!
7-10 Food and Rough Liquor Fond Regrets
11-14 One of the Rabble Betrayed
15-17 Shunned and Reviled Cursed
18-20 Hunted by the Law Hunted!

The Charity of Honest Folk

While you might not be the most pathetic of the beggars, in a time of need a charitable man of means gave food and shelter enough to survive. What had enfeebled you, and who was your benefactor?

The Charity of Pompous Priests

As a display of piety, a priest took you in and read to you boring sermons, hour after hour. While you stayed with the priest, you saw many treasures and ate scraps that at any other table would be the height of dining. Did you take anything from the priest’s home, and is your theft known?

Food and Rough Liquor

The rabble of your shanty might not have had much, but it was shared with cheer and many fond (if humble) memories were made. Now this shanty is no more. What befell its inhabitants? Did any survive?

One of the Rabble

There were hundreds squabbling over food in the shadows of the lord’s fealty. Betrayal was a part of life, but you never expected it from your fellow outcasts. Who betrayed you, and why do you still feel the sting of the betrayal?

Shunned and Reviled

There was a time you were doing well for one of the ragged, but then something happened. You barely remember how or why it happened, but it marked you as surely as if it were branded upon your face. Why do the beggars spit at your shadow? Are there any that remember you with kindness?

Hunted by the Law

They’re on your track, crashing through taverns and looking in the alleys you used to haunt. Perhaps you committed the crime and it was worth it. Perhaps you are unjustly persecuted. Either way, a trail of suffering follows in your wake. Whose suffering do you regret the most and what will you do to put them at ease?
Caste Talents: Embittered, Survivor
Skill Gained: Thievery