A Fisher's Life

Whether using spear, rod, or net, you worked with your family to gather fish for sale and sustenance, for yourselves or others. You may have gathered shellfish in the wet shallows and coastal sands, diving for pearls with knife and bag in hand, or sailed far to sea with great nets or spears to bring back many small fish or one great one. It  was hard work, and you learned the trade well, including the skills of woodcarving, knotwork, and the repair of your equipment.

Fisher Stories

Roll Event Trait
1-3 Bitter Rivalry Betrayed
4-6 Empty Nets Hard Times
7-10 Lost at Sea Missing Kin
11-14 Returned to Ruin Without a Home
15-17 Sailing to the Horizon Seeker
18-20 Too Big a Fish Dark Waters

Bitter Rivalry

Your family’s fishing business was among the most prosperous in the village, town, or city you dwelled in, each catch yielding more and better than the prior ones. Your family grew wealthy and you grew up thinking that this bounty would continue forever. Then one day, your family’s rivals struck, chopping nets and sails and setting fire to your fishing boats. Your family was ruined, and you lost everything. You now fish for the benefit of some other, and you think back of those bygone days of plenitude. What will you do about it, should you learn who was responsible?

Empty Nets

Something happened that caused your source of income to become scarce. It does not matter the reason — whether some strange and terrible tide killed the fish you harvested, or they were fished to extinction — the result is that your once-laden nets drew back empty time and again, and you could no longer ply your trade. Now you have left your home, seeking your fortune on other waters. Was there something unnatrual about the scarcity? What was it? More importantly, what will you do now?

Lost at Sea

You grew up fishing alongside your family-members, continuing a generations-long tradition. One day, though, your beloved father’s boat did not return. You spent long days waiting at the shore, looking up and down the coastline, and venturing out into the waters yourself in search of him, but found nothing. What happened to him? Did you ever find out? What did you do next?

Returned to Ruin

It was a fishing voyage like any other, miles and miles from the coast because that is where the best catch could be found. Your vessel full of the sea’s bounty, you returned homeward. The first sign of trouble was the long trail of smoke wafting from the location of your village, and as you drew near you saw that the beautiful and familiar village of your birth was but fire-blacked ruin. There were far too few bodies, however, and you realized that most had been taken, likely by a slave ship. Who took them? What do you plan to do about it?

Sailing to the Horizon

There was nothing especially tragic about your childhood and youth, and you did not suffer any calamity, no major and dramatic incident that steeled you for the future. And such was the problem. Instead, after too many long hours spent dragging fish from the sea, splicing ropes, repairing nets, and returning home after long hours stinking of fish, you decided you’d had enough. You stole a small boat and set off, as far from home as you could go, and sold it for hard coin. Will you return to the sea, and if so, under what terms?

Too Big a Fish

Though you returned to your village barely alive, washed ashore like a half-drowned rat, no one in your village believed you when you told them what had happened. You and your family were fishing when your net caught something… something big. You pulled at it, and it pulled back. As you sought to cut yourselves free, it rose to the surface, dwarfing your boat with its vast and horrible bulk. You were lucky to be thrown free, the screech of the hull as it bowed and broke filling your ears. What was that terror from the deep? What would you do should you face it again?
Caste Talents: Fisher, Wave-Harvester
Skill Gained: Craft