A Farmer's Lot

Born to the field, you learned your parents’ lessons well. One day, though, the time came when you had to face the open road. Perhaps your farm was razed to the ground, or suffered blight, or you simply sought a life other than that of a farmer. Whether your memory is filled with regrets or swimming with excitement, you feel a connection to the soil and to those who work to reap its bounty.

Farmer Stories

Roll Event Trait
1-3 Blessed Harvests Family
4-6 Ample for Winter Lost Love
7-10 Winter in the Balance Vengeance
11-14 Meager Soup and Angry Eyes Traitor
15-17 Not a Spare Bean Trusted or Traitor
18-20 Famine Cannibal

Blessed Harvests

You remember fondly how hard work made the ground spill its bounty and how the seasons seemed to be fair. You remember the fellowship of your loved ones. Where are they now?

Ample for Winter

Every day brought a small hardship that made you strong. The ground was hard in summer and slush in winter, yet when the stores had to be opened there was always enough barley for a strong drink and plenty of food. Looking back, you scarcely remember the people of your village. Should you return, they would scarce remember you. Perhaps there is someone there worth returning to see. Do you even remember that person’s name?

Winter in the Balance

It was a struggle every year. The lord took plenty for his knights, leaving little for the common folk. Sometimes you ate, while other times you simply drank snow water and slept as the wolves howled. You remember no beauty in that bleak place — only the torments of the thieving knights. One knight in particular took pleasure in the hardship he inflicted. If you meet him again, will you take revenge? Why?

Meager Soup and Angry Eyes

Even the protectors of your village went hungry, and when they did, everyone suffered. Raids were planned on other villages, but you never saw any of the food they brought back. The only way to survive was by poaching, but the game was scarce and you had to keep your kills to yourself. Eventually, you were found out and the angry eyes of the villagers were terrible to behold. Were you punished, and did you ever redeem yourself?

Not a Spare Bean

You remember seeing the warrior die. He simply stopped and fell, his armor clattering on the stony ground. He had come to take taxes for the fifth time, but there was no food or other wealth to be had. When he learned he could take nothing from you and your kin, he just stopped, as if his soul had given up, onwards to some other place of plenitude. The horse was short work for the butcher and you were sent south to find someone to buy the man’s sword. Did you find a buyer? Did you take the profits home?


When the crops were gone, you ate the beasts of the forest. Then you killed and shared the beasts that worked your fields. As water became a luxury, some in your village looked at the soft flesh of the masters and contemplated a different type of prey. As the knife sunk deep into the landowner’s agent, rain began to fall. You looked on in horror, as desperation revealed its ugliest side. You were forced to ask yourself the hardest question. How hungry were you?
Caste Talents: Subject, Homesteader
Skill Gained: Animal Handling