Life at the Forge

There is an honesty in the way hammer hits metal, or how the awl bites into the wood. You’ve learned to trust in the objects you make, far more than those who might use them. When war-drums beckon, your purse swells with gold, and in peace-time it is sometimes difficult to make ends meet. Perhaps it’s time you packed up your tools and went looking for a new war.

Crafter Stories

Roll Event Trait
1-3 Exalted Mark Suspicious
4-6 Gifted Mark Unworthy
7-10 The Quiet Hours of Peace Secret Past
11-14 Pressed for War Envious Peers
15-17 Too Many Closed Mines Criminal Past
18-20 Sundered Mark Cast Aside

Exalted Mark

Your mark has been added to the roll of honor in your local town. This was likely a political decision, as you’d only just passed from apprenticeship to tradesman. You were quite naive when you were invested, but now that you’ve had time to ponder the matter, you think you know who was behind it. Who are they, what motives did they have, and do you deserve to be among the invested?

Gifted Mark

Your mark is that of your grandfather: a mark proudly passed on to all his apprentices to show that they conform to the family tradition. There is a problem, though. Having witnessed the many wondrous designs and creations of your kin, you suspect you are unworthy to use the mark. It started before the old man died, when he criticized your work, and his stern words became a shadow in the back of your mind. What was his criticism, and do you still use the mark?

The Quiet Hours of Peace

Your apprenticeship fell in a lull between wars between neighboring powers. Though you still had hours of drudgery in which to learn your trade, making weapons was low on the list of priorities. You had to work such craftsmanship out for yourself. Your first self-made blade was balanced poorly and its edge was fragile, but you needed it and you were unwilling to steal a blade. Why did you need the blade, and did it serve its purpose?

Pressed for War

Your apprenticeship came to you as siege engines fired over the bulwarks of your city and shattered the walls and roofs within. The blacksmiths made weapons and armor constantly, and often enough you were handed a box of scrap metal and told “get to it”. After ten days, you’d done more work than most journeymen and produced some quality work, despite the pressures outside. What was your greatest creation from that time? What came of it?

Too Many Closed Mines

You passed your apprenticeship, but only barely so. Ore was rare and mines were largely worked out. You had to scavenge with some of your fellow apprentices to try and find enough ore to work with. When you finally found some, a gang or prospectors tried to steal it from you. What happened? Did you get enough metal to achieve the journeyman rank, or did you have to look elsewhere?

Sundered Mark

You have caused dire offense to the guild of your home town, and now your family’s mark has been stricken from memory. Where it once hung, the mark has been scraped clean, filled in, and painted over. Very few examples of your craft remain, and folk will only buy your wares at a significant discount. While you can still earn your way performing your craft, it is only because of what few friends will still stand by you. How did you earn the ire of the guild, and who can you still count on?

Caste Talents

Subject, Tradesman

Skill Gained

+1 to Craft

Suggested Race

Dwergaz, Kindred