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Order of Halcyon

Public Agenda

Capture and occupy the Sentries in the Secured Territories, garner ranks through regional strongholds, displace the Envoy.


The creationist zealot Regozicht studied as an acolyte to the Church in Basal for 12 years after his displacement following the Declaration of Tranquility. He sought answers to his struggles, and searched for his purpose from the faith. Unable to find such answers from the Church he became convinced he would find them with the God of Creation. As his obsession for Dacelo grew, so too did his resentment for the Church for stifling his focus. Regozicht formed his own ideology, one where he could author his own solutions and craft his own purpose, but the Church denounced his studies and teachings, as such, he was exiled to Peninsula of Glass to repent. There he came across an abandoned Sentry and Scáthán where instead of repenting, he began his teachings and founded the Order of Halcyon.

Fabricate destiny, Write fate

Founding Date
Umbersrest 13 ET
Religious, Holy Order
Training Level
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
Official State Religion
Order of Halcyon
Permeated Organizations
Neighboring Nations

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