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Huntsmen's Guild


Those who've had the privilege to enter the gates report that there is no true leader of the guild, the members are seen as equals in delegation, like a group of close friends.


The Huntsmen are a very reclusive and insular group, it is rumored that their guild house is truly immaculate and their banquets are unbelievable, but they're extremely selective as to who they allow within their walls, and even more so of who they allow within their ranks.

Public Agenda

Hunt the Wilds, hone their craft, chose the skilled to join their ranks, and produce the highest quality game in all of Hjoldus.


No one knows the truth of the origins of the Huntsmen, some say their great house was here before Crógacht, some say it was here before even the Conquest, and that the guild has been hunting the wilds since the Era Before Dawn. Regardless of their history, their skill speaks for itself.

From another world, gazes through me, the beast

Founding Date
Guild, Professional

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