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Hive Queen Quest

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Alone and adrift in space, a newly born Hive Queen of an ancient species awakens to the eager thoughts of but a single Thinker Drone, little more than an organic computer, a short list of options it has compiled, and the Space Pod holding the vacuum of space at bay. After a rough landing on a nearby world, the young Queen-to-be establishes the beginnings of her own Hive and slowly expands across the planet, finding that she is not alone after all, with the surface holding a wide range of dangerous native life, stranded human survivors of a crash, and the mechanical drones of an AI hunting them down with ruthless precision.   With a bit of luck, careful planning, and some simple hospitality, the Queen works to assist the humans to leave her new world while concealing her true nature from them, and in time, begins to expand beyond her new world into the space beyond, slowly uncovering the mystery of her own birth, and the wide reaching conspiracy it involves as the young queen discovers her to be among the last of her kind, and her own hive to be at the center of the last chapter of a war that has been waged across the galaxy for untold millions of years.   Now tossed into a day and age that has forgotten her ancient race, the Hive Queen must spread her influence, overt and within the shadows, as the ancient enemies of her species work from all sides to send the sector into chaos and drive their influence deep into every society that has grown in and around the ruins of this ancient war without ever realizing their homeworlds lie within a no-man's-land.