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A small, navy and white Shadow-like dragon that lives on the Cells.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Tides have long, finned bodies and wings, but they cannot fly. They have small, weak legs and would rather swim than walk. Their eyes are like that of a Shadow, dark and entrancing.

Ecology and Habitats

An optimal environment for a tide would be a floating Cell with lots of freshwater sources, like a swamp Cell.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Tides, like Voidcallers, do not need food. However, unlike Voidcallers, Tides require freshwater and oxygen. This is why they stay on the Cells when they can, and rarely travel away from a freshwater or brackish water source.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Extremely hierarchial with very little freedoms. See Shadow Hierarchy.


Domesticated/enslaved by the Shadows.

Average Intelligence

In between Shadow and Voidcaller, closer to Voidcaller. Tides understand language, freedom, legends, and recognize each other as individuals; how they do it without names, nobody knows. Tides, however, do not understand math, strategy, safety in numbers, sustainability, science, or fighting.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Tides despise Shadow jewelry and clothing. They prefer decorating themselves with bones and raw rock. They also are large fans or tattoos and face paints.

Common Etiquette Rules

Saying "I hope you be well" when leaving each other, and "Good to see you fresh" when greeting.

Common Dress Code

By Shadow order, all Tides must wear an ID collar and a short, solid color cloak at all times.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Dancing and singing every day is common.

Common Taboos

"Luck", "lucky", and "serendipity"

Common Myths and Legends

The Story of the Perfect World: "Listen, every once in a while, and you hear the perfect world, floating and teetering. It is a massive Cell, full of all we need, and we are free. The Voidcallers come and go as they please, and the Shadows have no power over us. And we multiply and cover the Cell, and we live a happy, free life."   Most Tide stories are of this length. Tides believe in the importance of passing things on but to not cherish stories or storytelling.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Tides serve Shadows, and think of themselves as equals with the Voidcallers.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
5M years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Countershaded navy and blue.

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