WorldEmber 2021 pledge

As much as I love the esthetic of it, the four to-do lists and stack of lose pages on your bedside table are not going to help us grow this world. Please, K. Put everything together in the same place and start writing, that poor guy has been on my bed for the past six months.
— an unamused muse

The Pledge

I, Kros, pledge to participate to next WorldEmber and give my characters a bigger world to interact with. I promise to do this without constantly checking the leaderboard and stop writing when I feel like I exhausted the ideas, not when I reach a specific goal, even if that will mean completing my WorldEmber in 12 years rather than 1 month. I might also try to keep things a little tidier, but will make no promises about it.
— Kros

The Why and The How

  My main external goal with Hislariya is to keep learning to write better, edit better, do some basic CSS coding and continue improving as a mapmaker.   To achieve this I will need to continue producing new material and sharing it with others, opening it to comments and feedback.   Hislariya is much more my private garden than something to appeal a vaste audience.   While I will seek and accept criticism and feedback, I won't change the direction of my concept to make it enjoyable to a larger audience or let some challenge veer the worldbuilding in a direction that is not relevant to me and the stories I am creating.   Hislariya is also a gift to the people who believed in it from the very first spark of an idea.   I will give back to my handful of followers who pushed me forward with their enthusiasm something I am proud of and that they can enjoy.  

The Focus Area

  The aim is to grow Hislaryia snowflake way, as the main cast is currently stuck in a few hundreds square meters and has The Nothing surrounding them. I don't think they mind too much being stuck indoors with each other, but that's not the point.  

Prep work

  • Fill up TJ's Worldbuilding planner
  • Map of Hottest Spices.
  • Map of Gend.DONE!
  • Finish the Map of Bada.DONE!
  • (optional) figure out how to set up a random table for the Senses Chest content.
  • Learn how to insert TJ's icon set. DONE!!!
  • Where are my ropes?
    — Yarik
    These ones?
    — Kros
  • Make a template article and set up containers.ON SECOND THOUGHT I DON'T THINK I REALLY NEED THIS AT THE MOMENT
  • Set a few hours aside to collect a few more images and musicDONE!
  • Collate the ideas from WA prompts lists, Nnie Spooktober list, brainstorming, TJ's 400 prompts and the existing stub list in a single list.
  • Tidy up the galleryDONE!
  • Try to make a sign up box for the NSFW stuff and tidy up the access rights. DECIDED TO KEEP IT INVITATION ONLY FOR NOW
  • Prepare a roundup article. DONE!
  • To Do List

  • The lost treasure of Cap. Baron "Vulture" Drake (myth)
  • Quartermaster (rank)
  • Buccaneers of the Svajan Sea (etnicity)
  • Pirate cant (language)
  • The Ferret Crew (military unit)
  • Tarvan (character)
  • Red Hot Mountain (geography)
  • The Ferret (vehicle)
  • Svajan Sea (geography)
  • Kithanda (geography or organization)
  • Humans (species)
  • Makarids (species)
  • Dragons (species)
  • Yarik mansion (building)
  • The Spice caves (building)
  • Jellyfish (species)
  • Jellyfish poisoning (condition)
  • Makaridism (condition)
  • Nezil (material)
  • Resonators (profession)
  • Cap. Nadine "The Handsome" Anderton (character)
  • Goblins Horde (organization)
  • The Thirteen (organization)
  • Short stories I-VII (prose)
  • Aphrodisiac Mushroom (item)
  • Menu for the therapist graduation meal (document)
  • Capture of the Sanguine by the crew of The Ferret (conflict)
  • Bisik (species)
  • The Satellite (geography)
  • The Hunt (tradition)
  • A percussion instrument (item)
  • Candles (item)
  • Shadow play (tradition)
  • The Baddies (organization)
  • Magic Overview (natural law)
  • Magic objects (technology)
  • -

    Checklist for article completion

      Write the main body
    Add the quotes
    Add images
    Set the tags, category, article blocks, author's notes and comments notes.
    Check linked articles
    Push notifications
    Share in Discord
    Tick off to do lists

    Cover image: by Thom Milkovic


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    26 Oct, 2021 23:50

    I am so here for this

    Check out my worldbuilding in the dark fantasy world of Melior
    27 Oct, 2021 03:24

    It's coming... <3

    27 Oct, 2021 16:25

    pun intended?

    Am I writing or procrastinating? Take a guess and visit Hanzelot
    27 Oct, 2021 17:15

    Oh, you know me :P

    27 Oct, 2021 20:16

    Go, Kros, go! <3

    6 Nov, 2021 16:01


    6 Nov, 2021 15:51

    The inveterate organizer in me loves lists. I have so many lists...seeing that you have a to do list is awesome, because my lists no longer feel quite so lonely. I hope you're able to hit your goals! (And check off items on your lists!)

    alan m rogers ~ the notebook wizard
    6 Nov, 2021 16:00

    Thanks! And best of luck to you too!

    6 Nov, 2021 18:25

    that poor guy has been on my bed for the past six months
    *loses it*   Amazing pledge, Kros XD   This WE will be a lot of fun with you around!

    6 Nov, 2021 18:29

    I knew you would have appreciated! It's true, poor Sonqui. I'm trying to give him some action with the sprints to set the WPM but they're still far from... conclusion. ;P

    12 Nov, 2021 07:24

    Fantastic pledge! I love that opening quote from the unamused muse (I assume its yours?) ^^   Best of luck with reaching your goals! I look forward to reading your work. :D

    The cold winter days are rolling in. A fire crackles in the fire place. World Ember is Here!
    12 Nov, 2021 16:50

    Thank you! Good luck for your WorldEmber, have fun!

    13 Nov, 2021 01:38

    Exciting to see stuff getting checked off already for Prepvember :D Your pledge inspired me to do mine, and I'm trying to work on my own to do list as well--currently I've got ponderously huge "categories" of articles instead of a list of individual ones XD May you have a fabulous WorldEmber!

    You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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    13 Nov, 2021 10:38

    The checked off stuff is at least 80% merit of TJ's planner and your rewards ideas (at least until I decide to reward myself and instead of 1 hour of music I spend 3 hours adding sea shanties to the playlist, ooops!)

    13 Nov, 2021 10:42

    I know your WE will be fabulous no matter how much you'll write, I'm so looking forward to Luridity growing bigger and sexier ;D

    25 Nov, 2021 08:14

    Great pledge! It has such clear structure and a great focus for next month (and the 12 years thereafter). I hope you can be productive and feel accomplished during WE. Best of luck!

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    25 Nov, 2021 09:14

    Thank you! And good luck for your WE too!

    John Johnson
    25 Nov, 2021 14:25

    Nice pledge, oh and thanks for the checklist idea !

    25 Nov, 2021 18:26

    Thank you and you're welcome :) I think I actually stole the checklist idea from one of Naelin's previous pledges.