Palace of Zemesh

When Faiq and Yusif, fleeing from the rage of Makahar, arrived at the Zem atoll, they knew they were not in the island they were looking for. Nevertheless the sight that greeted them gave them hope of a safe refuge.   From the crystal clear water of the lagoon, and rising above the thick vegetation, the ruins of a palace of marble and glass looked to them like a promise of prosperity.   The serpentine columns and golden eyes embedded in the decorations clearly marked the building as an old draconic artefact, the place that most likely had what the two men needed to raise their respective half dragon children.   Despite still being in good conditions only part of the central hall and the left wing of the palace remained intact, the rest collapsed under the weight of the vegetation that infiltrated between the gaps in its walls and from what looked like the signs of an extensive fire that scorched and cracked the mosaics on the far right of the central hall.   Nowadays, their descendant, still inhabit the building, transformed in a meeting hall, temple, hospital and school for the small community of makarids.   The vegetation, once again has been allowed to grow around and over the building, but it is carefully tended and pruned to avoid any further damage to the structure.   The interior still boasts several beautiful murals and the original mosaics on the floor, miraculously still in good condition despite the closeness of the sea and the invasiveness of some of the surrounding vegetation.   Most of these artwork depict family and sometimes licentious scenes between dragons and humans, fact that made the settlers think that this left wing was once the living quarters of the dragon's lovers.   One mural, in particular, is the first known example of a makarid genealogic tree, recording the name of five of the dragon's beloved and their children. This discovery allowed the reconstruction by makarids historians, of the full ancestry tree of Zemesh descendants, that is now the largest and oldest kept by the makarids.

Cover image: by Thom Milkovic


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