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For a long time I've had trouble creating a world where my characters can be explored and developed because I couldn't stand the idea of their environment being of little consequence. I have no doubt that this world will go through many incarnations before I settle on one that meets my desires properly but no time like the present I guess.   Normality had been ruined. Once lush hills of rich green had turned into sparse ocher, rippling across the countryside on a backdrop of dull grey clouds; areas of fertile farmland became desolate without the means to feed livestock or yield crop. Villages and towns fell to disrepair without the level of organisation needed to upkeep the newly vacated homes. Many tried to grasp at what they could find from the past but it all proved futile as mechanical hands continued on their constant loop.   An old mechanic watches as the cybernetics on a retired model shudder back to life, confused and without their purpose. Cobbled together with gum and duck tape it was a wonder that it was operational at all let alone sentient. Thinking it best to let them find their own way, the mechanic sets the robot out on it's shaky legs with only one objective discover who they are.

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