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Hirabayashi is a fictional city located in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. The city has a more recent reputation for being riddled with crime and poverty in some areas, which the law almost seems to do nothing about. This wasn't always the case, however, since Hirabayashi was once seen as a luxurious living area. The city remained seen this way from the 50's, all the way throughout the very early 2000's, where it finally began to collapse to crime and even local terrorism by some of the groups that inhabit the city. Although Hirabayashi was not always known for crime, it has an ongoing, almost ancient reputation of Yokai living alongside man. Yokai inhabitants make up a sizable amount of the population in the city, though they are still outnumbered by the human population. Hirabayashi is a relatively technologically advanced city, but is still quite far behind in comparison to Tokyo, the tech giant of Japan.

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