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Gosesi Credits

Gosesi credits are the currency of Leigrebath. The stroansians proposed the use of the currency to help a fractured civilization come back from the brink of economic collapse. As the economy struggled for so long, the stroansians knew that gosesi credits would soon be copied and fake currency would run rampent throughout Leigrebath. To avoid such a hassle, Archstroansian Adoel made a decree that all credits must contain a tracking chip, one that has been logged into a system and checked before being processed.  

Coin Types

There are a total of three types of credit: the muluya, the pelioca, and the celuruc. Each type of credit prices in at 1, 5, and 10, and is ranked toward being poor or rich. The picture on the right depicts what each of the credits look like, giving them distinct appearances.
Name Rank Price $ Equivalent
Muluya Poor 1 credit 10 dollars
Pelioca Middle 5 credits 50 dollars
Celuruc Rich 10 credits 100 dollars
by Amelia Nite
Quick Facts
Currency & Deeds
Metal Alloy


Average Average Job
TBA credits General
TBA credits Miliary Officer
TBA credits Secretary
TBA credits Technician
TBA credits School Teacher
TBA credits Barkeep
TBA credits Food Industries
TBA credits Factory Worker
Credits earned on the job are ranked by usefulness and importance, and credit paydays are on the last day of the month. Making credits is not easy and citizens choose to work overtime to keep extra money in their pockets, especially for their saving accounts and childrens' future education. However, to keep society functioning, the Archstroansians created a tier system of how much citizens would get per their job.  

If Settimo La Scala is a school teacher, he would be making less credits than a secretary, whereas Nicole Zoda would make more credits as a military officer than a technician.

  Each of these jobs have a role to play in society, but sometimes, the credits they earn are not enough to keep them afloat. And those who are disabled do not receive any credits due to them not being useful in society.


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