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Avila Winterborne (Ah-vill-ah)

Avila is the mother of Cal Winterborne and the younger sister of Alan Winterborne. She cares deeply for her little boy so much. When Cal was born, Avila quit her acting career and took up raising her child. While raising a child was not on her to-do list, she didn't want to change a thing. And even more so, she was saddled with a second child shortly after Cal turned 5-years-old. This second child was Loke Dracos, related to Cal only by their father. Avila didn't resent her children and saw them as equal to each other. If given enough time, she would do anything for the boys.   It wasn't long until the farm they lived at started struggling, and Loke took up odd jobs to help them out. She wished the child didn't have to put so much strain on himself at such a young age, but Loke was determined to help his family out. Avila offered to shut down the farm and move in with her brother, but Loke refuted her offers and took more jobs. What he made earned them just enough to cover the farm and keep a roof over their heads. She couldn't be more grateful for such a young man.   As Loke got older, he spoke of joining the Kourian Military to provide a better income for the family. At first, Avila was against it until Cal started telling her all the benefits they would receive and he even expressed his desire to join once he turned eighteen. Avila hated seeing her sons want to risk their lives in such a way. And then her worst nightmare came true.   It was a frost early morning, three years after Loke joined the military, when they got a knock at the door. As she answered it, she saw Archstroansian Malik standing before her with the Kourian flag folded under his arm. Malik wasn't there to give good news. No, he was there to tell her the horrible fate that had sprung itself upon Loke. The damage was so bad that they didn't even have a body for the family to bury.   From that point on, Avila became adamant that her last son never join the military. She couldn't take losing another child to the acursed war.

Mental characteristics


Archstroansian Malik


Towards Avila Winterborne

Avila Winterborne


Towards Archstroansian Malik

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Quick Facts
Lawful Good
Birth Date:
Senn 14
Birth Year:
6391 NE 37 Years Old
Home Town:
Cis Female
Platinum Blond
Skin Tone:
Other Notes
Cal Winterborne (biological)
Loke Dracos (adopted)
Affiliated Orders, Primary:


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