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Hexaria is a land mostly of peace, with very little conflict. With the exception of the northern central continent of Strubran, and minor disagreements within individual cities, many of its inhabitants live happy, meaningful lives.   Races of many different walks inhabit Hexaria, and they intermingle and mix among themselves. While some cities do skew towards one race over the other, it is not unlikely to see a Tengu next to a Goblin having tea with an Aasimar as they chat about an Elf's affair with a Gnome. Then, to travel halfway across the world and find an Elf chatting to a Goblin about the Tengu's affair with a half Gnome half Aasimar. Suffice it to say, there is a lot of tea being drank.   Geological anomalies such as volcanoes, earthquakes, and tidal waves are extremely uncommon, save for one major earthquake that happened roughly 30 years ago. Theories are that this earthquake wasn't geological, but magical, but all attempts to find evidence have fallen flat.   Deities come in three classes, Major, the most powerful, Greater which are the offspring of the Major, and lastly, Minor, which are mortals who through patronage of the Greater deities, ascended to godhood after death. The Major and Greater deities for the most part take a distant approach to their worshipers. Blessing them in their own ways, without making their presences seen. The minor deities however, are often seen walking among the world, interacting with the mortals who worshiped them, and in some cases, the deities knew in life.   Despite supporting vast amounts of life, Hexaria is not a planet, but actually one of six moons that orbit another planet. During orbit, sometimes these planets' paths cross, and certain points on each world can open up gateways between worlds allowing for travel, or, in certain cases, invasion. Sragos, in northwestern Aeson is the nexus point such a connection. As each world passes, their orbits lock with each other for several hours, to days, allowing inhabitants to travel between the two worlds, should sufficient power or magic be used to facilitate it.