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Theriaxi Screamer

Comprised of Theriaxi eager to prove themselves on the field of battle, the Theriaxi Screamers serve as the advanced vanguard for the Horde. When these shock troops charge into battle their main purpose is to swarm the enemies defences with their greater numbers and overwhelm the opposition, with no regard to self preservation.    The screamers get their name from the unique battle cry that they use in unison that is meant to intimidate their enemies while bolstering their own moral. Screamers do not stop screaming until they either cut down their last enemy, or have been slaughtered.    All members of the Horde must prove themselves as a Screamer before being able to advance. This weeds out potential weakness and allows Horde commanders to not view their screamers as just expendable shock troops.



Preferring speed over protection the Theriaxi Screamer equips lightly armoured leather or furs  if they equip armour at all relying on the toughness of their scales for protection rather than heavy plate.


Short Glass blades meant for close quarter engagements


The Theriaxi Screamers tend to use basic strategies but their main fall back is to overwhelm their opponents fighting their wars with a two- sometimes three to one advantage.


Logistical Support

All Theraxi are required to pull their own weight. Hunters and foragers are sent out regularly to maintain food stores and to also scout enemy positions.


The Screamers are the main auxiliary unit and are usually called in to weaken enemy defences.


The primary cost of maintaining the Screamers is Theriaxi lives, their high death rate makes the


All Theraxi who join the hords warriors must serve as a screamer before they can advance to other ranks.


The idea of the Screamers was conceived by Thoian-Xio, a Theriaxi war lord who conquered much of Borum-Theriaxi using his greater number of warriors as shock troops to overwhelm his rivals. Thoian-Xio tactics became so effective that when the Theriaxi rallied together during the first Theriaxi war against the humans, they employed the screamers in every battle. Unfortunately for the Screamers, the Hestian armies adapted quickly to the overused approach and began laying traps that killed many of the Theriaxi trying to overwhelm the Hestian defences before they could even reach the gate. With the death toll of screamers rising higher and higher after every battle it became clear that the warriors they were hemorrhaging were not being replaced quick enough and new tactics would need to be used.

Historical loyalties

Like the rest of the Horde the Screamers worship Xia, Mistress of Death.

13.09.-01 FoT, One year before the Founding of Theirenfell
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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