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The denizens that call Hest their home are as diverse as its landscape, and are constantly at war with one another, whether it be a nation fighting nation for resources or species against species for the right to live, war is as common in Hest as water it is said.    It is rumoured that because of all of the death and destruction that plagues Hest, the veil that separates the natural ordered world and the supernatural is thin. Strange beasts stalk its forests, hunting those foolish enough to enter their domain, these beasts are largely left unchallenged and have been allowed to reign in terror leaving certain regions inhabitable.      With the veil so thin, Necromancy has become prevalent amongst those sorcerers willing to raise the dead. These shambling Husks are broken things, enslaved by their creator to obey their will. But Necromancy is not the only form of undead to crawl out of the grave. Vampires have also been rumoured to walk amongst the living, some noble houses in Theirenfell, Valenvast, and Hovenbale have been rumoured to have Vampiric decent, although these are just accusations with no merit.     Despite the chaos that plagues Hest there is much beauty in the land. Its ecosystem is as varied as the denizens that call it home, from dense thick forests, to living deserts, the world is full of hidden secrets to any adventurer willing to brave the unknown.

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