The Phoenix Master

It is a popular sport men to befriend and tame every type of Phoenix that roams the lands of Hesli. The difficulty and element of adventure is what attracts many people, but also that status one receives upon succeeding. It is the title that everyone is truly after.  
So, you're the phoenix master, ey? Show me your birds, let's see if you're lying or not.
— A challenge from one phoenix master to another

Gotta Befriend Them All

Succeeding in becoming the phoenix master grants the title earner eternal glory and respect from their peers. The endeavour and effort into obtaining the title requires much determination, a heart full of courage, and a mind of steel to endure the obstacles one faces.   To find all type of phoenixes, an adventurer exposes themselves to great danger. Each magical bird lives in a specific environment, most often in a very hostile environment. For instance, finding a FlamePhoenix requires travelling to an active volcano, or exploring caves deep beneath the earth where magma flows. The journey alone is a great challenge already.   But it doesn't stop there. Once the adventurer has found a phoenix, they have to befriend them and earn their trust. That in itself is a whole different task. Some phoenixes accept the mere fact that they are found as a clear indication that their finder can be trusted. Why else would they go out of their way to walk for days on end over the icy tundra? Other phoenixes require more delicate handling of situation, a show of courage, a good heart, or whatever more that the phoenix expects.  
Adventurer, be wary! If you want to grab The Phoenix Master title, heed this warning.

Phoenixes are notorious for sensing malintend. If the thought of using a phoenix to do your dirty work has ever crossed your mind, you can forget obtaining one for a lifetime.

The phoenix is a righteous magical beast at heart and shall never concede towards helping spread evil! If you play nice first, but turn corrupted later, they are forced to leave you and might kill you in the process.
With the exception for the ShadowPhoenix. For some reason, they are heavily drawn towards corruption.
— A snippet from 'How Not To Get Eaten by Various Phoenixes'
Table of Contents
Magical, Honorific
Alternative Naming
Master of the Phoenix
Dealing with False Masters
Everyone would love to boast their status as a phoenix master. It is one of the ultimate titles that a commoner can obtain that is a physical show of courage, intelligence, and determination. Because it is such an honorary title, there are people who will falsely claim to be a phoenix master.   If a person proclaims to be a phoenix master, they can be challenged by other people to summon and show off their phoenixes as proof. If the false master cannot abide by this challenge, everyone will see them untrustworthy. This effect is so strong, that it even applies to people that have never met the person before.

Notes from a Master

Many people embark on the adventure of becoming a phoenix master, but few ever manage it. While most masters do not want to share how they went about their journey, there is one master who wrote a little handbook to help others with their adventure. While the notebook contains a lot of information, the anonymous master clearly wanted to get some fun out of it as well.   Still, 'How Not To Get Eaten by Various Phoenixes; A Possibly Useless Handbook for The Aspiring Phoenix Master' is a must have for every adventurer, unless they want to figure it out themselves. Fortunately, some information has been shared so many times, that it is widely available.  
So, you want to become a Phoenix Master, I hear? Are you ready for the most dangerous adventure of your life? Unless you're a seasoned adventurer, then you have probably been in some intense scenarios already..

Anyway, there are a number of things I'd advice you to take with you when you embark on this journey. Aside from that, you need some useful and useless knowledge to survive the ordeal. Yes, the useless information is of extreme importance, so read carefully.

There are technically six phoenixes that roam the world as far as I know. Five of them you can find somewhat regularly, and one that you cannot catch for the life of you.

If you do, congratulations!
You're a liar.

But I assume you're here to find the other five. Here's what you need to know first and foremost. Each phoenix lives in a specific environment, so it'll be a long travel. Each phoenix also has a bar of trust you have to reach once you find one. Let's not worry about the trust right now, that'll come. Because, first and foremost, you need to find one!

The first phoenix I'd advice you to search first, is the ForestPhoenix. As their name implies, they usually live in forests. However, not in every forest lives a ForestPhoenix. So, how do you know you're in the right forest?

Lucky for you, I tell about that and more in 'How Not To Get Eaten by Various Phoenixes; A Possibly Useless Handbook for The Aspiring Phoenix Master'! You can find this neat little booklet at many adventurers shops in the large towns and cities.

So, what do you say?
Want to go on an adventure together? ^^

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Author's Notes

Many thanks to Verti for coming up with the name for the Phoenix Master Handbook 'How Not To Get Eaten by Various Phoenixes; A Possibly Useless Handbook for The Aspiring Phoenix Master'.

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