The Lute Comb

Tales of old tell of a magical comb that is capable of taming even the most dangerous animals. Used by a masterful Irrean, this comb is said to have tamed a dragon. However, these days the comb is lost to the earth and no one knows where to find it.  
The Lute Comb? I know of it yes. According to the old tales, the original owner used to get the ladies in bed with him. But it's been lost for quite some time, so who knows what it'll do these days.
— An Old Irrean Dwarf

Many Tales, Little Truths

There are a handful ol tales surrounding the lute comb, making it hard to find the actual truth about this unique item. There are a few things that are consistent throughout all tales, making these details most likely to be true.   Everyone agrees that the lute comb looks like a normal dwarven beard comb. With its rich decorations, it is clear that this comb comes from a high class dwarf. Cleverly concealed in its decoration are the characteristics of a miniature lute. Giving the comb the correct command, it grows and turns into the size of a lute making it fully playable.   The lute comb has a few commands to help the user, aside from turning it into a playable instrument. Another useful one is the invisibilty command. As word spread of this item, many dwarfs want to have one and some would go far to get their hands on it. After a few attempts on stealing the item, it is said that the owner had the comb enchanted to hide it from these thieves and greedy people.   As the lute was passed down multiple generations, it got in the hands of a young dwarf. He did as his parents and grandparents told him: always keep the comb hidden unless you use it. However, during a trip the comb fell out of his pocket and plummeted into a forested ravine. The young dwarf discovered days later that he had lost the invisible comb.
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