The Draconic War

The Draconic War is the sixth manuscript of the The True Historical Documents of Hesli which contains the true written history of Hesli. It describes some key events during The Draconic War. The contents have been encrypted using the Nannan Sauriv cipher. This document has been written by the daughter of an important Nannarian.  

The True Historical Documents of Hesli

This collection contains the true history written by several authors that the dwarves, elves, and gnome hid away for no one to find. There are multiple documents part of this collection:
  1. The Day of the Rising Sun
  2. The Night of the Setting Moon
  3. The Year of Collaboration
  4. The Disappearance
  5. The Disciples of Chaos
  6. The Draconic War
  7. The New Beginning
Table of Contents
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Manuscript, Historical

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