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The Disappearance of Luna

In the olden days, Luna was the wise and prominent "ruler" of the world. But at some point, she vanished from the world. No one knows what happened to her.


Few said that Luna disappeared in broad daylight while residing in her usual place: Stronghold Geisl. Everybody knew that Luna was easily accessible, open to talking to all and sharing her wisdom. She was also the most powerful dragon at the time.   Her disappearance was most upsetting and suspicious. No one can make a mighty dragon like her disappear unless...   Rumours are that a secret cult is behind her disappearance. With the help of an even more powerful dragon, they teleported Luna to another plane of existence, most likely one of hell and fire. It is concerning, as the only one known to be able to do this would beAlistras. She had always been outspoken against Luna en drawn to the darker arts.

Historical Basis

Within Mount Stoll, the tip of the highest watchtower from Stronghold Geisl still stands above the lava lake. Her castle is, presumably, still there.   However, there are definitely traces within Castle Dathria that indicate an enormous and magical struggle. The wild magic in that area points directly towards the draconic fire. Furthermore, the portal-esque throne inside the throneroom makes it all the more suspicious-looking. No one knows if it is actually a portal and where it might lead to.


During The Draconic War, the myth spread far and wide among the Gold and Silver dragons and the peasants fighting alongside them. However, the dragons died off, and the peasants began to suppress these memories. Thus, the myth faded away from the commoners. There are still a few written scrolls hidden away in the corners of Hesli that have documented the actual history of the world and myths like these.

In Literature

There are very few written scrolls containing the myth of Luna's disappearance, but there are some variations between them. There are a few that tell the story in a novella sense or short story. Others have made cryptic poems about them, adding riddles to the piece to make it more challenging to decipher what it is about. Only those with true wisdom, like Luna, would be able to understand them.

In Art

Scattered over the world, there are mural paintings of Luna showing her graciousness towards all living beings.
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