The Barbaric Uprise

Long after The Draconic War, many species had been living in relative peace alongside another. The humans from the Koralis region, also known as Koralians, have been living with the Koruvnak for a long time. Over time, they became more sapient, standing on their own feet and wanting to have their own land. However, the gnomes refused to do so gracefully.

The Conflict


At first, the humans tried to reason with the gnomes. They sent their leader N'clas C'tra to the <Gnomish Board> to ask them for a plot of land where they could grow outside of gnome reach. However, <the board> was not happy with that request and answered it by beheading N'clas on the spot and sending back his severed head to his family.   The answer was, understandably, not well received by the Koralians.


After weeks of planning and moving weapons and people around, the Fui Ractha Celchin took place, which kicked off the human uprise. Well over a thousand warriors marched down to the houses of <the board> members, ready to dispose of them.   While the gnome forces came to the aid of the members as soon as possible, it was too late.


Every city, village, settlement, and piece of land where gnome and human forces could clash in the Koralis became a battleground. No one was safe.   There were very few safe havens where the women and children could seek shelter. While the fight raged on, both sides fully respected the ancient agreement that no innocent woman or child should be touched in bickering between men.


Both sides had an enormous number of casualties. So many that the gnomes asked for time to tend to their wounded. The Koralians would only accept that if they got a large plot of land where they could live without the interference of gnomes. Knowing that they are not likely to win the conflict with the barbarians, the gnomes relented and gave them a starting plot of land.   There was a lot of mistrust between gnomes and humans overall for the first few decades after the uprise. That happened not only in the Koralis region, but also outside of it. That led to a few minor conflicts and disagreements.
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Battlefield Type




The gnome army during the uprising was thousands infantry strong, a few hundred cavalry and a few hundred archers.
The humans had many thousands warriors and a couple hundred healers.


Like the humans, the gnomes took a lot of casualties before finally resolving the uprise.
They suffered many casualties, but their versatility gave them a better fighting chance against their wounds.


The objectives was to keep the humans in place, as they are the newcomers here.
Kill any and all gnome you come across! Don't hesitate, they are not to be trusted!
— Koralian Leader

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