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In the rivers and lakes of Hesli lives an animal with an interesting characteristic: the Tartoise, also known as the Mickey. These funny fellas have the strange tendency to bite into hot things for no reason, even though they burn their beak and tongue with it. However, these animals are incredibly smart when it comes to solving problems and overcoming obstacles.

Basic Information


The Mickey is a sturdy animal and build like a tank. With its four legs, it can travel the enourmous distance of 500 meters an hour. However, what it lacks in speed, it makes up in protection.   The legs have big claws, capable of chopping of limbs with bone and all. Furthermore, they are fortified with thick scales which can take on quite a punch before cracking to reveal their rugged underskin. Its surface feels leathery adding even more protection in case something manages to get through the enforced scales.   The shell of a tartoise is what makes it a true tank. It provides a lot of extra protection for the most vital organs. This carapace looks like rocks with a waterproof layer glued to the animal making them unstoppable. Besides adding extra armour, it also functions as a portable secure home.   The head looks is shaped like a brick. It has two narrow eyes which grants excellent colour vision. Unlike normal mammals, the tartoise has three eye lids which helps to keep the eye clean from any dirt that gets in it. For a nose, it has two tiny holes. These holes, also called nares, provides a keen sense of smell to identify food. The beak has a slight overbite and no teeth at all. Instead, they use their beak to grind and shred their food.  
If you ever happen to come across a Mickey, let me give you one simple tip: Don't put anything in its beak that's dear to you. It'll hurt, trust me.
— The Long Lost Wanderer

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

The tartoise is an increadibly intelligent animal. It is capable of solving many problems and obstacles. They are especially motivated when they try to get a hold of their favourite snack: Crocaris. These leafy greens grow on the rocky shores, so climbing is a must. However, with as heavy as they are, that isn't an easy feat. That is where their intelligence truly comes to play.   Some Mickeys, who live near people, have learned how to speak and understand languages. They are able to speak with people, albeit with some difficulty, and share their wisdom. It takes them many years and frequent exposure to a certain language before they get a grasp. A small group of tartoises have created a new language to communicate with each other (Tarsian) which primarily consists of clicking noises, because that supports their beaks best.   However, being as smart as they are does bring funny side effects: they are not necessarily the brightest. At times, they figure that the quickest way down the rocky shores is to tumble down and damage their shells. But, their specialty is in hot things. For some reason, currently still unknown but actively researched by students and professors from Morach University, they have the tendency to bite into scorching objects. Researchers have observed these tartoises biting into life fire of adventurers, for example.   What baffles most people, is when they learn how smart and stupid these animals can be at the same time.  
Mumu, look! A rock slide!
A rock... oh, no liebi, that's not a rock slide. That's a Mickey tumbling down the mountain.
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450 years
Average Weight
350kg (770lbs)
Average Length
130cm (4ft)

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Author's Notes

This article is heavily inspired by tortoises and the characteristics of a good friend of mine.

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