A dive into the History of Hesli

Scattered throughout Eshil and other regions of Hesli, are the last remnants of an old civilazation. Buildings and technologies, centuries old, are all that is left. However, without the Taniyn, the world would not have been the way it is now.  
Today, we're going to take a trip through ancient history as we're walking through these Ruins of Zalaran. These olden buildings come from a time when the Taniyn still walked these lands.
— A teacher visiting the ruins with their pupils

Harbingers of Change and Prosperity

The Taniyn were an advanced civilazation that have lived on Hesli for a long time. Some would even argue that they were the ones who created the planet and gave it its shape. Archaeological finds indicate that the people have lived on this planet for a long time, and have vanished after an enormous fight. However, before that time, they have clearly taught many of the species that currently still live on Hesli. It can be seen in the architecture used for creating the houses and larger buildings, or bridges that cross rivers and deltas.  
See that beam structure, kids? Do you recognise it from your own homes? It is the Taniyn that have taught our ancestors this trick to create multiple floors in a home.
— The teacher pointing at a beam structure that is often used in the building of houses
  Furthermore, many of todays technologies date back to these ancient times. That, or they pose some resemblence to the techniques used in those days.  

Smelting Furnaces of the Dwarfs

"Teacher, what is this?" Thodin points at a large structure.
"Ah, good question, my child. That is a smelting furnace. You must have seen or heard about them from your parents, correct?"
"That is a furnace?! But how do they power it? There's no room for coals to keep the fire lit, or pipes with large bellows for airflow!
"True, but it is said that the Taniyn didn't need coals and bellows to keep the fire roaring. How is still a mystery to me as well. Your ancestors must have adjusted the furnaces so they can continue to make use of them.

Water Pumps of the High Elves

"Oh, look! We have one of these at home!" Sanyi runs towards the water pump. However, once there, the smile disappears and turns into a dazed look of bewilderment.
"Something wrong?" The teacher asks with a slight smile of amusement.
"How... how do they get the water up?" The pupil walks around the well a few times. "Where is the pump?"
"See that big pipe just outside the ruins? Some archaeologists have found evidence that the Taniyn used to blow air through those pipes to make the water go up."

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    The Taniyn Rise
    Civil action

    During a time when the world supposedly started, it was occupied by the Taniyn. The people helped themselves and fellow sapient species to develop new technologies and ways of living on the planet.

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    The Draconic War
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