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Swamp Floater

Traversing the swamp is no easy feat. One moment, one can walk over seemingly dry land and a few steps further they sink away in a puddle or pond. While most wetlands kept by The Keepers Order do have well maintained pathways swaying through the landscape, adventurers still have to cross the rivers and deeper lakes.  
You need a ride through the swamp? Sure, you can use my swamp floater. It'll get you anywhere you need to be, whether over land or water.
— A friendly merchant in Abeko

Nearly Amphibious

Travelling through the swamps is difficult as it is and seeing as the swamp elves and swamp gnomes find themselves in these waters everyday, they came up with a solution. The carved out the inside of a swamp tree to make a canoe. They further fortified it by using the breathing roots of the trees to give it extra stability and strength.   The gnomes started with putting the roots on the outside of the canoes, because it limited the capacity significantly. In doing so, they discovered that the boat is much easier to push over land, making it somewhat viable as a land transportation vehicle as well. After sharing this revelation with the elves, the tribes began producing more floaters with the root system on the outside of the boat. As time progressed, and a few outsiders helped them tweak the design of the canoes, streamlining them for land travel even more.   Of course, there are many variations of these floaters wafting through the swamp. Some tribes have created larger versions to make the transportations of trading goods and the houses of their puddlet easier. There are also smaller versions, specifically designed for finish the shallow waters or the deep rivers. A few floaters have small wheels on de sides making them more suitable for travelling over land, but less so through the water. The diversity of these boats make them truly unique. Sometimes, it is possible to know from which tribe an elf or gnome is, based on the floater they are using.
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