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In the present day, people sometimes stumble upon strange artefacts that seem to have a will of its own. Touching such artefacts may lead to hearing voices coming from the object, or inside ones head. The mages of these days describe it as soulbound objects, but to what purpose is still to be discovered.  
The hell?! Who are you? Where are you? Where is this coming from?!
— A confused holder of a soulbound object

Solving the Mystery

The mages quarters in Limani have seen a multitude of these soulbound items. Even though there are few, they still try to figure out how and which souls are bound to the object. To which extend can they influence a holder of the object, is also being researched.   So far, the mages have concluded that it is an ancient technology. It requires a very powerful sorcerer or wizard to bind the soul of a person to an object. Furthermore, it seems that a soulbinding doesn't happen to any random object. It must be an object of importance to the soul itself. The more significance the object has to the soul, the greater the bond becomes between the two parts. This level of bonding resonates in the influence of the soulbound object. Only the most powerful bonds allow for communication outside of the object or anyone in the near vicinity.  
Soulbound Hammer - Log 103.423.89
Our attempts at creating a soulbound hammer has resulted in a failure once more. It seems that the incantation and object alone are not enough. We're missing a critical component, but we have no clue what. Helmudt suggested that we find another compatible pair and that we try it again, but with obsidian and silkweed as transfer components. I don't know if it will work, but it is worth a shot for sure. We'll continue our search to get to the bottom of this soulbinding technique. Maybe we should also visit the ancient libraries of Dunfaern and see what books we can find on ancient technology. My gut tells me that dragons have something to do with this...

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
28 Jul, 2022 18:36

Are they just killing people to try to bing their souls to the object? XD Or can they make the attempt without danger to the person?

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28 Jul, 2022 20:13

I fear they have a supply of unlucky souls xD But seriously, they mostly use those who suffer from terminal diseases and such. Best case they can bind the soul and they live on through the object. Worst case, they die. But they would anyway, so that makes it less.. bad? xD

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