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Scroll of Return

"Did you know? They say there is some scroll in a place far away with a prophecy about dragons!"
"Dragons? Didn't they die off long ago?"
"True, but that scroll apparently predicts their return!"
"You know it's a myth and we're not allowed to spread this information. Keep it to yourself!"
— A conversation between two elderly Dwarfs
  The Scroll of Return is surrounded in myth and legends as no one has ever found the it. There is also no definitive record that it exists and what its content is.


A long time ago, The Disappearance of Luna was the catalyst that resulted in The Draconic War. Her disappearance, shrouded in mystery and myth, has set forth many other myths. One of these myths regards the Scroll of Return, a scroll containing a prophecy about the return of the Dragons of Regin. However, that was not all. Rumours say that the prophecy also fortells about a group that have the power to stop true source.   Nobody knows if this scroll is made up to provide hope to those fighting in The Draconic War, or if it is an actual prophecy waiting to be fullfilled.


Birgor was the first to spread word about the Scroll of Return, claiming he has read the scroll upon his search for Luna. The news travelled fast between all the Gold and Silver Dragons as well as the peasants fighting in the war. However, after all the dragons died, and the peasants trying to surpress their unpleasant past, word around this myth died off.   These days, there are few whispers among the eldest, but no one wants to arise worry among their circles. The largest nations with the longest memories have declared not to speak of it, as they believe it to be a myth only with no means of it being true.

In Literature

When searching the corners of the world and the correct people, there are ways to find information about the myth in old books, and poems. However, all literature that mention this myth do so cryptically through puzzle and riddle. Unbeknownst readers wouldn't be able to detect the true information and only those wise enough will be able to decypher the actual meaning behind the texts.

In Art

When looking close enough in old caverns, multiple mural paintings of Luna can be found. In some of these mural paintings, a scroll is displayed alongside her which could be the Scroll of Return.
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