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Pebble of Luck

Often hidden among the common rocks, or in the possession of a simple passer by, the Pebble of Luck always finds its way to an owner. Its aura has eluded many a person to pick it up and tap into the luck it can bring them. However, there is a trail of mystery surrounding this pebble, as none of its previous users have ever been found.  
The Pebble of Luck is a mere scheme to hide its actual purpose. This seemingly innocent piece of rock is a powerful artefact that contains the soul of Archmage Anvar. The soul provides the user of the pebble with a boost, which results in feeling lucky. However, there is a sinister consequence tied to the usage of the pebble that they won't notice until it is too late.
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!
Dad, look what I found! Is this the famous pebble of luck?
Son... put that away. Throw it far if you must, but do not take it with you.
But dad... why?
It may be called the Pebble of Luck, but it will only bring darkness. So, throw it away as hard as you can. Now!
— A conversation between Ferdinand and his son Jale

Getting Lucky

The Pebble of Luck is a small rock that is commonly mistaken for a normal pebble. Its main difference to a normal one is the small engraving in an unknown language, and its weight as it is much heavier than expected of piece of stone. When the pebble is not in the possession of anyone, it will emit an irresistable aura to stand out. Only very strong-willed people will be able to continue walking.   Once in possession, the new owner of the pebble will feel a wave of confidence, as if they can take on the world. So long as the pebble touches their skin, the holder can tap into the unlimited powers that it has to offer. This power can express itself in multiple forms. It can provide the holder with more strength to move objects out of the way, or to deal more damage to many a foe. Another form is by giving the user more health points, so they can take on more damage before being knocked unconscious.   Many people experience this feeling of boosted energy and confidence as lucky. Somehow, everything seems to be smoother sailing. The pebble is also capable of altering social interaction slightly in the favour of the holder. That further enforces the idea of the pebble bringing luck to the user.  


The primary objective of the pebble is to make the holder dependent on the little rock. In the beginning, most people are wary of the pebble, using it only every now and then to feel its power. However, as time passes on, the user relies more on the stone. As long as they are not aware of it, they are still relatively safe. Or so they think.   As the holder uses the pebble more often, the reprecussions are already manifesting itself. Once the holder disconnects from the pebble by throwing it away, or trying to get rid of it, these consequences becomes apparent. The user has less energy, less strength, and their health deteriorates fast. For every bit of luck used from the pebble, a small bit of their life force is taken away. So long as the holder keeps the pebble, they won't notice.   When the owner of the pebble realises they depend on the pebble and take it back again, its intended function takes effect. Within days, the entire life force of the holder is sucked out of them, leaving behind a lifeless husk. The husk dies soon after the life force exchange and decays at an increased rate. That way, the chance of a tracing its death to the Pebble of Luck is dramatically reduced.
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!

Mystery of the Pebble

There is a lot of mystery that shrouds the pebble in folklore of Eshil. Many tales told by bards and merchants alike describe individuals with exceptional strength and charisma helping others or helping only themselves. Both heroes and villains have been seen wearing a tiny stone around their neck or wrist.   One song even tells of a hero throwing away their necklace because they grew fearful of it. But as soon as they got rid of it, they felt weak and hardly had the strength to do what they did best when helping people. It didn't take long for the hero to search for the stone once more and be filled with the strength they used to have. Yet, a few days later, they vanished. The hero of the town was nowhere to be found. However, a few weeks later, the same stone was worn by someone else helping the people in need.   To this day, the people of Eshil are not sure of pebble. Many are wary of the darkness it brings. People do not just vanish. Still, there are always those who do not believe in such tales. Most of them are obsessed with the power that the stone can bring them. Some still search for the stone to move the world, and thus the stone always finds an owner. Whether they are searching for it, or coming across it.  

Lifeforce of Anvar

The Pebble of Luck is everything but a normal stone. Its capabilities of providing the holder with "luck" solely comes from its nature. In olden time, Archmage Anvar created a shard and infused it with a part of his soul. Its purpose was to prevent the archmage from dying completely, in the event that someone would strike him down.   While as a soul in the stone cannot do anything on its own, it does provide the archmage with a way to survive for an extended period of time. The dark magic used on the pebble gave it the power and means to get the lifeforce of a living being and store it. Every bit of it strenghtens the soul of Anvar, preparing it to come back to the world of the living. However, a strengthened soul is nothing without a body.   Anvar has instructed his decendants and apostles to keep an eye on the pebble at all times. They are the only ones truly resistant to the aura. When it gives off a bright purple hue, it means that the shard has stored enough lifeforce to begin the ritual that will bring him back to life.
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!
Table of Contents
The texts in these boxes shows what those who are aware of the true nature of the Pebble of Luck know about this item. Hover over them to read their secrets.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
2.5kg (5lbs)
5 x 7cm (1.9" x 2.7")
Dad, look! I can lift this heavy boulder now!
What have you done?! You took that stone with you didn't you? I told you to get rid of it!
So what? What's wrong with some extra luck? Or strength, in this case.
Everything! Please, throw it away.
— A conversation between Ferdinand and Jale

Doctors Nightmare

Some holders of the pebble have managed to detach themselves from the little stone, but not without grave consequences. The weakness in energy and strength takes a big toll on the body. It is almost screaming to get the pebble back. Yet, some have put on a strong face and kept themselves away.   The few that are still standing have sought the help of doctors to cure their ailment. Many of them have done thorough examinations, but come up empty handed. They have tried medicine and healing magic to no avail. Currently, there is no known way of curing the aftereffects of beholding the Pebble of Luck.  
Jale, what happened?!
Dad... I feel... Weak... Must get... Stone back...
No! I'm not giving you that stone back! Stay with me, I'm getting a doctor
— A conversation between Ferdinand and Jale

Immenent Death

Even when the person is strong enough to prevent themselves from looking after the pebble, their remaining days won't be a pleasant one. Being cut off from their source of power, they grow weaker and weaker every day until they get the stone back. Eventually, they will succumb to their weakened state.  
While the Pebble takes the life most of the time, there will always be exceptions. Still, there will be one soul less standing in the ways of the Archmage's grand plans for the future.
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!
I'm sorry, Dad. I should've listened to you
— Jale's Final Breath

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