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Coal, steel, gems, gold, silver. Everyone in Hesli needs it to survive. Money is made of gold and silver, coal fires warm houses, and average weaponry is made of the finest steel. And there's only one way to gather these resources.



To become a miner, finishing school isn't a prerequisite. Every employee who starts their mining journey gets an in-house course in minerals, materials, and safety.   While a brain is not required, muscle is since mining is a physically demanding job. Strength and stamina are essential to keep on going for the entire day.

Career Progression

Not many know this, but there are significant ways to grow into different jobs when starting out as miners. Over time, a miner can distinguish the quality of the materials by eye, which is helpful in professions like blacksmithing and jewel crafting. Other miners focus more on the abilities and characteristics of their rock, leading them to jobs as alchemists.   However, every miner does start at the bottom, where rough and tough labour rule. If you perform a certain job well, chances are that you get to perform that job more often and further specialise it.



Mining is, together with Farming, the heart of Hesli society. Mining is very prominent within the <Dwarven Kingdom> since they live in the mountains and thus have easy access to mines. If one mine shuts down for whatever reason, lots of money is quickly lost.   Blacksmiths depend on the iron, jewel crafters on the gem, alchemists on specific materials. Most of society is dependent on the results of mining.

Social Status

While mining is vital, many people see it as a lower-class job. That is especially true for those who don't like to get their hands dirty. However, the dwarves know how much potential it can give them in the end, and they understand that it is a necessary sacrifice to make. A miner is still valued within dwarven society, but still significantly less than other professions such as smithing.



A miners best friend is his trusty pickaxe. It is both a blunt and precision tool in the hands of a true master.

Provided Services

This profession is notorious for the conditions one can get, but Miner's Lung is undoubtedly the deadliest of all. The dust particles getting in the airways make it over time challenging to breathe. Therefore, mining corporations are required by dwarven law to provide their miners with a dose of Minneoris every day before work. It doesn't cure the condition, but it does make sure that it doesn't get any worse.
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