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The Lurantia characterises The Caves of Luan. Their swampy nature has turned the cave system into a green and humid labyrint. They provide protection for the little critters living on the floors and walls of the tunnels, and humidity in the air for the black dragons and half-dragons of the Dramon.   Evolution Over the course of a couple thousand years, the Lurantia has developed a way to survive the caves without the light of the sun. It developed itself to accept and use the fire of the dragons to sustain themselves. It is not only the fire they need, but also some extra care. In the outdoors, bigger animals would eat their leaves keeping the size of the Lurantia in balance. That task is now up to the dragons.

Basic Information


The Lurantia has big leaves, so they can absorb plenty light in the hard conditions they live in. Depending on the seasons and their care, the colours can vary from deep blue to a much lighter blue. It allows them to absorb most of the light from the dragon's fire which keeps them alive and growing.   Their roots spread meters wide, but not very deep. By linking and chaining to the roots for other Lurantia plants, they ensure that they cannot slip and drift way through the tunnels. Furthermore their roots are very sturdy and have the tiniest hooks with which they can anchor themselves onto the slippery walls of the caves.   Depending on the plant's stage of life, they can bear berries which is vital for the <little birds> living in the tunnels.

Genetics and Reproduction

When it comes time to reproduce, the Lurantias will bear fruit in the form of berries. The <little birds> love these and happily eat them. They soar through the caves, leaving their droppings behind them. They will contain the seeds which were inside the berry. Once the seeds somehow make their way into the water, the next stage begins.   A <small fish> in the waters of the swamp eat the seeds. After two days, the seeds sprout inside the intestines. Whatever the fish eats becomes nutition for the newly sprouted life. The first roots appear and latch onto the fish and eat it away slowly. At some point, only the carcas of the fish is left and the Lurantia will drift along with the waters until it can latch onto a tunnel surface.   It is a small sacrifice for the protection and life the plant will provide later on when it has fully grown.
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Svanan Edarok
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