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Hubard Drontae

The Clubard Hubert Drontae (a.k.a. The Hopeless Romantic)

Still looking for a mate, Hubard is the clumsiest bard the world of Hesli has encountered so far. Although his intentions are good, he manages to be the hopeless romantic that everyone refers to. Still, that has not kept him from travelling and seeing the world and spreading joy with his charm.

Personality Characteristics


Life and song are fun! We should enjoy ourselves so long we can! And if you cannot do that by yourself, let me give you a helping hand. No, no, no, not in that way! With song, you idiot.
— Hubard Drontae
Even though he is a bit clumsy, Hubard wants to enjoy life to the fullest and spread the joy to fellow companions and people in need of cheer. He has travelled the world, learning many songs from all corners to help people from all walks of life.


Social Aptitude

If anything would describe Hubard, it's two words: romantic nerd. While slightly shy and dorky, he can always use his charm to sway fellow companions. The females receive his quirks with giggles and laughs but never pursue him any further, which also got him the name "The Hopeless Romantic".

Hobbies & Pets

There is no Hubard without Pesky, isn't that right fella?
— Hubard Drontae
Pesky is Hubard's pet snake. He found the little guy when he was wandering the forests on his journeys around the world. The snake fell out of a tree, landing on the dwarf's lute that he was playing. Hubard, caught fully by surprise, exclaimed: "You pesky thing, get off me!". That is how the snake got his name.   Why Hubard decided to take the snake with him, nobody knows; not even Hubard.


Even in ordinary speech, Hubard always has a sing-songy voice. He believes that life and singing is fun, and therefore sings all night long. He has a thick dwarvish accent, a combination of deep growls with an upbeat rhythm to it.
Table of Contents
Dark blue and bright
Long red hair with a beard that goes beyond his belly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White with smudges of coal dust over his arms
Known Languages
Dwarvish, Common

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