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Havalla's Hunter

In the central region of Eshil, people have long been disappearing. Vanishing without a trace, the people of Havalla tried to investigate the cause, but to no avail. Only a handful details were found, which was never enough to come to a constructive conclusion. Still, some of the people in town ran with them and sought to find another explanation.  
Havalla's Hunter? Is he still active? Or she?
Who knows? There haven't been many disappearances lately, but you never know when they'll strike again.
— A conversation between two villagers

Hunter of People

According to the investigation, the many people that have vanished come from all backgrounds. Dwarfs, High Elves, Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings alike departed from town, never to return again. No one was truly safe. Even children were not safe, since a handful minors had still to return to their parents. It caused everyone to stay on their toes. The Hunter was always active around the forest near Havalla, Caesars Forest. This forest spanned a large area surrounded by many villages and towns.   Many adventurers have ventured into Caesars Forest to see if they can find any additional clues that could explain the disappearances. Most could not find anything and others never returned. The few extra details that came to light, was that Puravens were always around when a new batch of people would never return to their families.   To this day, it remains a mystery why the Hunter needed to abduct people. What kind of cruel experiment could they have been running, if it even included children?
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Flee the Puraven

Havalla's Hunter is the primary reason why people fear the Puraven to this day. They say that its arrival means immenent evil will befall them. Therefore, if a Puraven stays for longer than a dear near a village, the whole village will evacuate as soon as they can.   In recent years, the Puraven hasn't been spotted as frequently as it used to be, but the fear still runs deep.

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