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Georgio Qurelis

Georgio Qurelis

Georgio is my hero! He got me out of the fire! You should've seen his red glowing eyes when he grabbed me!
— An orphan Georgio rescued from the fire

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Georgio is what you call in top physical condition; highly agile and nimble but strong enough to carry people around when needed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Days

Rumour says that Georgio grew up in the woods before Christoff Qurelis found him. On their first encounter, Georgio flew to the highest treetop at such high speeds that Christoff could barely see him actually climbing the tree. It was a sign for the Qurelis that he had to leave the young boy.   Christoff came back a couple times and Georgio got used to him, noticing that this particular person was trying to help. By this time, Georgio had seen his fair share of human behaviour, and didn't trust them at all. However, Christoff showed to be different, and they got along together. The Qurelis showed him around town, where they tried to help the poor the best they can. Over time, they grew closer together to the point where they were practically brothers. Georgio taught Christoff climbing and archery skills, and Christoff returned the favour by teaching swordsmanship and riding.   Eventually, the Qurelis family adopted Georgio into their ranks. Officially part of the family, Georgio had access to horses, weaponry, proper clothing and some money. In his adoption ceremony, he swore to forever help the less fortunate wherever and whenever he can. This attitude was well received by the family with the assurance that they would help him with that in any way possible.  

Orphanage Rescue

That same attitude got Georgio a great deal of attention last year. He miraculously managed to save an entire orphanage from a raging fire just outside town. When he was practising his swordsmanship outside with Christoff when he smelled wood burning. Instantly, he climbed the family tower and could see the flames raging above the treetops. Immediately, he got on a horse and rode as fast as he could to the place. He got well over 20 orphans out of the burning mansion, including the four caretakers who were there as well. By the time the fire brigade arrived to put out the fire, he had got everyone out safely. How he managed that, no one knows.  
I just ran in and escorted as many kids and caretakers as I could. I'm glad I got them all.
— Georgio Qurelis, right after the fire
Show spoiler

Previous Life

While everybody knows him today as Georgio Qurelis, he is not what he seems. He lived 500 years before when he was known by the name of Bragath T'Shadvi. Authorities are currently still looking for him, as he is depicted as a criminal. While he did it to help the poor, he still has stolen many goods from The Shipyard in that life. He attempted to close the gap between the rich and poor. It is a secret he doesn't share with anyone as it would raise more questions than it would answer.
Table of Contents
Dark brown with a hint of deep red
Perky short dark red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Slightly tanned, sandcoloured
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Gnomish, Draconic

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