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A small village full of thieves and workers, that about sums up Genshan. It was founded roughly 550 years ago just outside of Bragath's Mansion, when he went on his master thievery rampage, bringing back goods from big companies like The Dwarven Mining Enterprise and The Shipyard.  

Bragath T'Shadvi

Naturally, people gravitated towards the mansion of Bragath T'Shadvi to see if they can have a share of the loot. However, they quickly realised that they should not trifle with him. It only took one parol of wolves around the premise for the people to understand. While Bragath is merciful towards the poor, begging for items was not in his repetoir; people had to earn it. Therefore, the people build a village outside of the mansion premise to give Bragath the room he needed, but still close enough for him to supply the village with trading and working goods.   The worst day was roughly 500 years ago. Dwarven and Human authorities barged into the village grounds in search for Bragath. They killed of people and held some hostage to get information out of them. But everyone knew how much Bragath had done for them and they would return the favour by not spilling a single bean.  

Hub of Good Thievery

Over time, the village also became a hub for more "good thievery" as they called it. Wanting to immitate Bragath, small groups of people started looking out for targets and planning a robbery in the village. Sometimes, the entire village got in on the plan and made elaborous efforts to do what Bragath did best. It helped them to sustain themselves a bit and to not fully rely on others.   People quickly began to offer their services in one way or another to get their hands on the goods. Everyone within the village treated each other with respect. Someone who was good with cooking was more likely to receive food. He could then cook it, and sell it for a reasonable price to the rest of the villagers and the poor that visited the place, and a tourist price for tourists. These people knew where to look to know if someone was truly poor, or if someone was trying to get a free meal while they still had more than enough money to throw around.
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Founding Date
Roughly 550 years ago
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The Hidden Treasure
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