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Eternal Pencil

It's the most common yet essential daily item in everyone's pocket or backpack: the Eternal Pencil. People all over Hesli use it to write anything on paper. The only slight inconvenience is that whatever is written or drawn on paper is eternal since there is no (known) way to erase the particle dust.  


A bulk standard eternal pencil is very simple in shape and materials. A wooden encasing with a writing stone at the tip.  


Because eternal pencils are simple to produce and easy to come by, there are workshops in the big cities that create personalised eternal pencils. For some extra coins, you can have your pencil engraved with your words or image.  

Children's Gift

Easy personalisation of the eternal pencil gave birth to a new tradition in some corners of Hesli. Once a child became of age where they learn to write, their parents gift them an eternal pencil with their name engraved on it. The child sees it as a gift, and the parents have now made sure that the pencil returns to them for the hundreds of times the child will most likely lose it.  

Collector's Item

Even though the eternal pencil is a ubiquitous item, some people collect them. Every region, village, species, and more put their own take on the eternal pencil. Some engrave the encasing wood; others use different encasing materials like stone or bone. Therefore, there is great variety in eternal pencils. Some pencils are rarer than others, but The Dragons Cil is the most sought-after pencil out there.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

When the writing stone is put on paper, it releases small amounts of magical particle dust. It absorbs this dust, eternally sealing the words on paper without any means to erase them.

Manufacturing process

First, the wood needs to be cut just over the length and width of the final product: 200mm x 10mm. Next, each pencil is rounded out using the wood roundel. Finally, the tip of the pencil is carved with the woodcarver. A small crater is created to lay in the writing stone, glued in place with stone-to-wood glue.
Table of Contents
Item type
10 grams
190mm x 8mm
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Wood and writing stone
Woodcutter, woodrounder, woodcarver, and stone-to-wood-glue

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