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Short, bulky, and packing the biggest punch; that sums up the dwarves of Hesli. They are a proud people, and always loyal to their family and companions. With traditions rooted deep in their hearts, they do not stray away from their religion and traditions easily. Those who do need a very good reason, otherwise they will get treated like outcasts by the community.

Basic Information


Old legends claim that the dwarves have been shaped by the mountain. It is what gave them their sturdy posture.  
Let me tell you the tale of the Dvares Creation
— Tales of the Long Lost Wanderer
  Dwarves have four strong limbs: two arms to maintain the mountains of Hesli and two legs to travel the narrow paths and caves. Because they travel much in caves, they are shorter than Elves and Humans so they won't scratch their heads on the cave ceilings all the time. Their torso is especially sturdy which is necessary to transport the excess rocks while maintaining the mountains.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dwarves age in a similar process as the humans, but stretched out over 250 years instead of 60. When a dwarf reaches the age of 50, they're considered an adult by the community.   The exact adult age can differ between clans, but the majority uses 50 as their milestone.

Ecology and Habitats

Most Dwarves thrive in or near the mountains. Surrounded by rock and gems, they feel right at home. Still, they also love the outdoors to get some fresh air and a prey to pursue.   Some love the outdoors much more than others. They usually take up the professions as farmers of the community. However, there are also groups that entirely live out in the open.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Because of the hard and physical labour, dwarves require extra proteïne in their diet. Which comes in handy, because they love meat. Hunting for prey in the caves or the outdoors is a fun activity for them, but they also have some kettle, pig and sheep farms for a steady meat supply.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

The most recognisable feature of a dwarf is the beard. Many have big beards or elaborate mustaches that they take meticulous care of. The beard or mustache shows in some Dwarven cultures the social hierarchy, especially in Irrean society. Dwarves that have a simple beard are considered low in rank in these societies whereas a dwarf with an elaborate and perfectly groomed beard is known for being at the top of the social ladder.  

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Average Intelligence

Dwarves are a sapient thus intelligent species. They have proven to be capable of creating and innovating new things. Their most notable invention is the cure against Miner's Lung: Minneoris.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dwarves have an extraordinary sense of hearing. They are used to being in dark caves and while dark vision grants them some extra sight, their hearing is essential to their survival of the monsters in the caves.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Within Irrean culture, Te Akoranga is by far the largest religion. Many dwarves follow it, becoming Akori and spreading the word around.


Main Article: History of the Dwarves   Dwarves have a rich history spanning many generations. In recent years, they have been focussing on restoring their relationship with the High Elves and maintaining a proper one with the Gnomes and Humans. Together with the High Elves, they have sent searching parties to the corners of Hesli to find the disappeared Wood Elves, but to no avail thus far.   Other than the past thousand years, there isn't much known about their history. Where they came from, and how they were created are still unknown. However, there are rumours that The Elders might know more about that, since they are possibly hiding the complete history and the truth from outsider and even the dwarves themselves.
Table of Contents
Scientific Name
Average Height
Male: 120-150cm (4-5ft)
Female: 105-135cm (3.5-4.5ft)
Average Weight
Male: 80-110kg (175-242lbs)
Female: 60-90kg (132-200lbs)
Average Physique
Most male dwarves are very strong and their physique shows it. Their arms and legs are usually quite ripped with a tight bum. However, they do love to eat and drink ale a little too much at times. So, most have a soft or beer belly which adds a fluffy protective layer over their steel abs.
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