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The Venn Pile

The Venn Pile is a large settlement on the world of Pandom, unique in that it lies well outside of the safety of the deep canyons where most make their homes on this world. The city is built in, through and around an enormous pile of wreckage that lies in a shallow valley near the Sea of Blood, the largest unbroken desert on the planet. The origins of the pile have been lost to time, it stretches for miles in every direction and is made up of objects that do not make much logical sense to the inhabitants of the world in its present. Ships are smashed together with buildings and strange machinery all twisted together with millions of other objects in a form that defies logic and reason. In truth the scrap pile is the remains of a space station that, during the golden age of the Raxus, hung above Pandom like a jewel. During the Long Fall, the station was brought down by nefarious means and slammed into the world.    The city is built out of stone and scrap, at times burrowing underneath the massive piles of twisted metal and in other places perched high above it on pylons driven through the scrap and into the earth below. Houses and workshops are also perched on the scrap-pile itself or built into the strange ships and buildings that are recognizable in a twisted and broken state within the pile.   The Venn Drifters were first invented here ad were integral to the founding of the city from the ragtag scavenger gangs that had been perched precariously on its surface. They allowed the gangs to drift above the wreckage, avoiding avalanches and ambushes and were able to scope out salvage from a safer vantage point. Almost immediately after creating drifters, the gangs fought in earnest in a short but bloody conflict called the Scrap War. The fight petered out quickly as the gangs soon realized that the risk versus the reward of it was not worth and instead carved up the scrap pile into the districts the city has to this day.

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