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The Grieving Fever

An insidious disease that gets its name from its late stage and often only clear symptom, pus leaking from the afflicted eyes that leave long streaky trails across their cheeks that eventually grow murky with blood and rot. A brain swelling disease, the infected slowly start to go mad before the weeping begins.   The most common symptom is the one that gives its name, the pus from the infection begins to force its way out of the brain and into the tear ducts where it begins to leak. Long before this stage however, those close to the infected would notice strange behavioral quirks and inconsistencies. What form these take are entirely dependent on the person and what parts of the brain begin to swell first. The most common signs are increased aggression, deep depression and manic episodes and rarely the infected will fall into a catatonic state. It is that last symptom that is often seen as a disguised blessing for a community as with the presence of an experienced healer this may save an entire village from infection. The very first stage of infection is noted by what seems to be allergies or a sinus infection, the symptoms of which go away in what seems to be a normal manner.    This infection, if untreated, has 100% mortality rate. Even if caught relatively early, healers find that it is especially resistant to most efforts to heal. Generally speaking, if discovered before the weeping stage the curatives most commonly known are able to help the infected recover 50% of the time. After that stage, the recovery rate when tended to reduces by 10% every week until blood begins to appear in the pus. When blood is found in the weeping pus, there is little to no help outside of the most powerful curative magic.    The infection is spread via mucus and can be spread through contact with eyes, nose and mouth. Due to the delayed manner of the infection, entire villages might be infected before the first concrete symptoms appear and quarantine efforts quickly have to spiral in draconian ways to have any hope of containing the outbreak. A village or town in the full throes of an infection is a sight to inspire dread madness as the infected wander the streets, streaks of blood and pus leaking from bloodshot, distended eyes while gibbering at or even attacking those that they see.

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