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Sulantí ((Soo-lawn-tee))

Sulantí is a holiday celebrated all across Heriqar. A month-long celebration, Sulantí focuses in on the themes of good health and bonds amongst family and friends.   Sulantí's festivities culminate in the final day of the month, December 31st, in which the trade of gifts occurs. Often times, these trades are between family members, close colleagues, and even adversaries. It is thought of as a day to rectify differences and find paths to cooperation and health in the oncoming new year.  


Sulantí's origins are often a popular subject of debate around historians, with many claiming the stories as folklore. These stories revolve around an Aarakocra mage by the name of Sul Antílde. He is believed to have been a powerful cleric who would traverse the skies during the colder months, aiding children who had fallen ill. While he could not save every person he met, he would often carry along gifts and trinkets to bring them comfort and peace.  

Sulantí around Heriqar


Within Dauro'tela, the countries of Alvericus and Ferriah celebrate the festivities in distinctly different ways.   Alvericus' capital, the kingdom of Ediburg, becomes a hub for celebrity performers and heroes to make an appearance. The final two weeks of the month are supplemented with concerts and festival stands.   In Ferriah, the focus is on savory delicacies and alluring drinks. Pop-up taverns and food stands light up the streets of the kingdom, while a touring magicians' guild known as the Index of Awe visits many of the towns and cities to put on a dazzling display of magic.  


The Empire of Wheudal is a popular spot for travel and tourism for fans of the holiday. The trees are adorned with glistening lanterns that change colors all throughout the month. The country's guard also partakes in hand-delivering sweaters and warm wear to the families that comprise Wheudal.  


The traditions of Senavin focus much more on the theorized origins of the holiday. Priests and mages around the country fly to other parts of the realm to deliver gifts and treat ill children.  


Pavjok's festivities revolve around a unique ceremony known as the Call to the Outlands. Held in Mjors, the capital city of the country of Noromoerr, this event involves the leaders of Pavjok's territories coming together to send wishes and kind-hearted messages to other realms and universes. It is widely acknowledged as a superstition, but the festivities that accompany it are often well-revered. Performers, bakers, chefs, and travelers are never hard to find at the Call to the Outlands, bringing with them cheery spirits and aspirations for a fun time.

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