The Nightfarer Regalia

There, in the darkness i saw it, standing over the Magister. It's long wavy blade dripping with blood. I turned to sound the alarm but before I could draw breath my light was extinguished and I was taken by the stillness of the grave. All that remains are dreams, nightmares of violet and jade.
-The ghost of Marion Von Haveth
    The Nightfarer Regalia is donned by the Nightfarer Division. A sub-section of the paladin Order of the Night Queen and the highest active duty rank. Whereas the lower ranks of the Order mainly function as anything from elite law enforcement down to personal protection. The Nightfarers specialize in covert operations, enacting the will of Novon the Night Queen.   The outfit uses the standard order guard's outfit as a base but has been re-designed and simplified with function in mind, while still following the main design principles of the order. Much of the equipment is custom made for the Nightfarers while other things might be standard issue. A Nightfarer may add or remove standard issue weapons and armor at their own discretion depending on their assignments.   (SI)=Standard Issue (B)=Bespoke   It consists of:  
  • Breathable billowing natural linen shirt to combat perspiration. In colder climates and during winter it's generally swapped for a wool blend. (SI)
  • Flexible, high waisted leather riding trousers dyed a muted purple to invoke the piercing magenta eye colour of Novon the Night Queen. (SI)
  • Black calfskin gloves to the elbow and high riding boots to the knee. (SI)
  • Wide black calfskin  belt with an electrum plated steel buckle. (SI)
  • A dark magenta, wide silk-cotton blend woven scarf. (B) (Standard issue scarf is midnight blue and made out of wool.)
  • Darkened Adamantine Pauldrons and Kneepads. (B)
  • Darkened Adamantine Chestplate with an electrum plated silver neck trim. (B)
  • Self-mending muted purple hooded wool cloak with flexible darkened adamantine trim. (SI) Modified order symbol locking mechanism. (B)
  • Midnight blue wax-coated canvas satchel with light brown leather trim and electrum plated steel rivets and locking mechanism. Black calfskin strap. (B)
  • Dagger of Eternal Night +2 Enchanted blackened steel kris style dagger with a jade handle that goes down into a pommel with a great red ruby and a mithral crossguard. Limbs severed by a dagger of eternal night only grows back with use of high-level magic such as the Wish spell (B)

Public perception and conspiracy theories.

"Surely this cannot be all, High conservatist Reapwell! We've all heard stories of this order's innermost workings. Secret Dawnchaser divisions, doing your dirty work and removing unsightly oppositionists!" The elderly halfling exclaimed.   The tortle contemplated the statement for a second, chuckled and replied;   "Nightmares... Mrs. Kickspark, nothing but paranoid delusions from guilty consciences."  
-Journal of Roth Amberbane
  While most people recognize the regular Evening's Tide town guard uniform. Many have speculated that more exotic and secret Novonite Paladins must exist. How else would all the enemies of The Aristocracy be eliminated so conveniently? Most rumors are considered conspiracy theories by common folk but powerful and wealthy people are weary of them, calling them "Nightmares".   While wearing the modified sigil visibly, they are to be confused with the Dawnchasers. The Dawnchasers are the elite guards of the organization, tasked with protecting their operative leader; Primus Umbra, as well as the Council of Shadows, the spiritual leaders of the order. Wihout the sigil, the design is as such as to be easily confused with the Shadebearer by regular people. The Shadebearers are the lowest rank of the order, mostly populated by personal protection personnel or other such sell-sword activity. However, all the paladins of the order are trained to identify markers, such as subtle variations in cloth seams and other non-standard visuals or behaviour and trained to not confront or engage such operatives. While they don't know exactly what those variations or anomalies mean. They know that any deviation from protocol around this particular issue is punishable by death without a trial and public shaming of their family after death.
The prodigal daughter returns, by Bandah
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Clothing / Accessory
Nightfarer Regalia
by Bandah
Nightfarer Regalia, by Bandah


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13 May, 2021 15:59

Nice article! You provided some great which helps to paint a picture about how everything is supposed to look. I like how you made a disctinction between which parts are standard and which are limited to the nightfarers. I wonder though what parts of the armor remain when they want to go full undercover? Is that just everything of the regular armor?

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13 May, 2021 18:13

It's really up to their own discretion and of course, it depends on their mission. If need be, they can abandon the entire regalia for a mission. It is however usually only done as a last resort and for outright suicide missions.   I would say that they're not really ones to go deep undercover inside criminal organizations or cults in a way that'd have them wear entirely different outfits.   By the time they roll up, there's usually very little investigation to be done, only execution. Think of them more as Seal Team Six than Ninjas.   Being easily mistaken for other order ranks gives them tactical advantage for infil-exfil given the order's nearly global presence.   Hope that kind of answers your question.

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
14 May, 2021 07:10

Nice article and great drawings :D It's very interesting that the order is more or less secret and that they want to be cofounded with another one. Small variations of uniforms can be expected even within an order, so it seems logical that that would be overlooked, but I'm a bit surprised that the different sigil is not, since those are used to recognise organisations. Is there a reason why?

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14 May, 2021 07:20

Tank you for the kind words. I see now that I've missed to mention that the sigil is also used by the Dawnchasers. The Dawnchasers are the elite guard of the Primus Umbra, which is the operative leader of the order. As well as the Council of Shadows, the spiritual leaders of the order.   Basically, donning the sigil is what helps you access restricted areas within the order without signaling that you're anything more than just a guard with elevated privileges.

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
14 May, 2021 07:47

Ah, that would explain it! thanks :D

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25 May, 2021 20:53

Nice drawing! I'm visual enough that it helped a lot. The conspiracy theories were fun, as well as the references to the subtle variations.

30 May, 2021 22:20

I really like the image there, showing all the parts!

7 Jun, 2021 20:22

"Public perception and conspiracy theories" made my day. :D Also, I was sceptic about the large drawing on the very top, but after reading all I think it a nice introduction/graphical abstract.   Thanks for a good read!

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