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3010 - 13 - 14

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A three-raced world of rot, decay and mega-corporations. The bird-like Uruaks, the human Homunculi, and the Droids made by the previous two all live in a shaky harmony. Unfortunately, their harmony is broken as their world's resources are mysteriously draining faster than they could've imagined, and now they must gather more in order to survive. Droids were invented as mining powerhouses, and the Uruak have a great affinity for stockpiling - so the world isn't over yet. But, as they dig deeper, they uncover that one of the old religion's gods might not be a myth. Rampant experimentation and great rotting failed colonies of shambling corpses are hidden from the population as the powerful attempt to fix the world.   A world of prostitution, violence, and constant subjugation, Hephae is far from any utopia. Many people are forced into giant skyscrapers and megacomplexes that stuff as many people in them as they can, leaving enough room for the cracks of crime to seep through. The Megacorps have been forced into a dwindling market as resources grow scarcer and great Leviathans start to manifest themselves in the world. People are left to their own devices as megacorps are forced to keep them as happy as possible in order to stay afloat.

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