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A world devastated by a magical upset known as "The Overgrowth," Helumen has been darkened for thousands of years. Engorged forests, nocturnal canopies, and entangling plants enshroud the planet, making it impossible for the sun to shine through to those who live on it. Creatures from two realms Hellitros and Luminrie strive to survive on the combined planet despite these grim circumstances.

Amidst these patches of dark forest are bioluminescent cities, known as Lullabyes, where races of all kinds, gather together in safe sanctuaries. Magic lives in the very Overgrowth, elemental magic mixed with something more toxic and sacrificial. Only purists dedicated to the ways of the old realms still find ways to work with untainted elemental magic, where the rest simply follow the new laws and contracts of magic sacrifice.

Gather your friends and explore a world full of tragically beautiful history, inventive and whimsical narrative, magic-filled plants and plots, and many more opportunities Helumen has to offer, as we depict everything from the deepest sea city of Nula, to the hyper-religious pantheons of Forlasea, to the magic systems of the old ways and the new.