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Tales of the Troianite

Don't trust what sounds too good to be true

Ever came across a Troi? You might have. They almost look like an entity, anyone we may come across on a daily cycle. Be wary if they are too good to be true...
— An entity well versed in the Threat Archives


Due to the history of disorder caused by Troianites, or Troi for short, they are seen as one of the most highly known Threats to look out for. The Ministry Of Management does not disclose or confirm much information about these creatures but recommends that Ciers report any suspicions they have encountered one. The existence of a Troianite is also one of the main reasons why security measures are taken seriously in every facet of daily life, from entering one's home, to taking a CART into the city, to entering a building in Sector 2: The Function. They lure interactions with entities by presenting themselves as beautiful and sophisticated, promising various kinds of temptations to advance someone's status, talent, or fame. Instead, these encounters result in trauma, confusion, or distress.

Historical Basis

It is rumored that officials store logs of actual encounters in a high-security archive within the Ministry's headquarters. Officials confirm nor deny any public claims made are true.


There are four well-known types of encounters that have been spread through various types of media.  

The Promise of Bounty

Those lured by a Troi who offers to know of a source of uncommon or rare data end up missing personal belongings or even less opportunity to synthesize data during their work hours.    

The Promise of Companionship

Those seduced by a Troi who offers unending adoration and attention find themselves distracted from their work or even forgetting to take care of themselves.

The Promise of Talent

Those convinced by a Troi who offers to upgrade someone's capabilities to synthesize realize they are unable to synthesize intermittently, causing stress and frustration during daily processes  

The Promise of Riches

Those persuaded by a Troi who offers advice on claiming riches and fame wind up with mounds of work they are unable to keep up with as they climb the hierarchical ladder, only to crash back down again to a worsened state.

Cultural Reception

These stories have brought some level of paranoia and caution to the general populous. Proper access and harmonious efficiency are considered a priority for keeping the state of affairs in check. These deceitfully legitimate creatures jeopardize The System's way of life. Entities who are naive or childish enough to believe otherwise are most susceptible to the Troianite's temptations.

In Art

Despite discouragement from higher-ups, Ciers have privately shared tall tales of Troianite encounters in the form of audio dramas, handheld word documents, and art interpretations to consume as a form of entertainment. If found by Ministry officials, they are usually confiscated and disposed of in a somewhat superstitious fear that the Threat may proliferate from having so much attention.

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe the tales in your world designed to make naughty children behave."

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