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HIGH Vibes

What to do when you're too hot to care?

Ugh. Just let me lay here until that infernal ball of light and its rays of searing tentacles stops violating me. 'Kay thanks.
— A pool-lounging Cier
    Every ultra cycle, the world of Navi-PC transitions into a difficult period called the HIGH. This period traditionally lasts a few months in an ultra cycle, though recently very short HIGHs have occurred out of the normal pattern. All entities suffer an immense lull, displaying a lack of energy and apathetic disposition due to the smoldering heatwave. In order to curb these negative effects, entities have developed various practices to keep cool.  


An exotic retreat or pure torture? This luxurious past-time subdues the most overheated entity into a state of cooling satisfaction, making them want to dip again and again or to never leave. Only a few places in Nexus offers entities a chance to dip themselves in Nitro, an extremely clear blue synthesized liquid that is cold to the touch.   Some Nitro pools can be found atop buildings in the entertainment section of the city, where Wizauds hold club-like gatherings for their patrons. Some can be found indoors or even underground, bathed in the contrast of neon lights and darkness.
by Taylor Simpson


by Dev Asangbam
    One cooling method entities partake in is utilizing a manufactured drug called CHILL. The drug's cooling reactions are most effective when consumed in a vapor form. In social settings, entities can be found lounging in clouds of CHILL vapor emitted by bigger appliances. Though relieving, the effects can result in Ciers relaxing too much from inhaling or physically immersing in the vapors. It is consumed with caution.


For easy access on the go, Ciers also carry around battery-powered vaporizer which automatically converts CHILL in its liquid form into a vapor. Standalones favor these portable vaporizers since they travel frequently in the wild.   In the city, temporary pop-up shops are stationed all over common streets where vapor systems pump out the welcomed substance upon passing pedestrians. Ciers who live in an HDD Unit can also be equipped with a CHILL plug-in for an extra incentive with their existing temperature cooling system.



To further keep direct light from touching their bodies while traveling the urban landscape, entities use Solshades during their daily commute. This accessory comes in all sorts of fun colors, patterns, and sizes. Higher class Ciers who can afford the best Solshades can be well protected from the sun head to toe. The sectioned canopies are designed to detect the direction of intense light so that it can configure itself to the direction that would provide the best coverage possible for the user.
by Vino Li

Repurcussions of Not Keeping Cool

  There are various conditions entities face if they don't take care of themselves during the HIGH.  
A physical condition where the skin radiates a consistent burning sensation that can last for cycles
Manny Fever
A heat-induced psychosis that influences the victim to devolve into a primal state of mind and is susceptible to rage

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Describe the traditional summer activities or pastimes of an ethnicity in your world."

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