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Hands of InOu

Horrors From the Depths

In the blackness you'll hear it.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
To the rhythm of your heart.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
With every blink of your eye.
Clap. Clap. Clap.
It covers your mouth shut.
— Excerpt from the under-zine "Rise of InOu"

Devotees of the underground Devournity cult fear a creature believed to dwell beneath the depths of Energaia. It's depicted as a massive fluctuating form made up of hands, continuously writhing and grasping. The creature is based on an ongoing mystery speculated by all, and no one can answer clearly why this happens. When entities go through a successful Guided Termination, it is expected that the soul returns back to Motherbjorn. This is apparent when their bodies transform back into a Bihnayri tree of the Enviem Forest. Entities that end up perishing from drowning in the perilous ocean however, do not return to the forest. Their tree is not made, and the next entity could never be born.  

Where Do All the Lost Souls Go


Adana, the first entity to exist in Navi-PC, was born alone yet unafraid. She explored all across the floating lands, observing, analyzing, and learning about the world on her own. She also looked desperately for a friend, for another life whom she could relate to and discover the meaning of life with.

Her desperation led her to the lowest point of the floating lands, and the closest point towards the ocean surface. Adana looked over to get as close as possible, seeing her reflection skewed with a smile though hers felt heavy with sadness.

A hand suddenly emerged, breaking her image into ripples, and outstretched towards her. At first Adana flinched, but she took a chance and reached out in return...

  The manifestation of InOu is said to be the collected souls from entities who have died in the ocean's waters since the beginning of time. Stories say that it is responsible for pulling entities under when anyone comes close and the reason why nothing can live under the water. Some argue it is driven by resentment and rage due to suffering. Others say it's lonely and seeks for more companions. No evidence of its existence has been archived, but the stories live on to discourage those from exploring Energaia further.
A Drowning Entity
by Ian Espinosa

Cover image: by 10tenart


Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2019: "Write about a tale surrounding a mythological creature in your world."

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